The difference of Shanghai dragon Raiders of the enterprise stand optimization strategy

throughout the entire network, now occupy most of the network is small and medium-sized enterprises, and for a lot of Shanghai dragon ER in conjunction with the news station, station in the optimization of enterprise unified portal station. Website optimization way and in fact this no difference, will only make the enterprise stand optimization to a wrong but can not get the user’s attention and search engines like. So how to optimize the business station? Today and I walked into the different optimization methods

Shanghai dragon!We know that the Keywords

the second page satisfaction strategy second gun company station optimization.


link not only refers to the station to vote vote and internal vote, it is necessary to do optimization in web page content, to dig the needs of users, there are >

as the search engine for the value of high quality links, they bring the voting score is immeasurable. In order to obtain high quality of voting, the first requirement of this link to meet the current needs of users. We know that most of the enterprise stand if you do not do Internet advertising will get traffic flow, the only way is the search engine "recommended", you want to get the search engine to recommend you to improve website users search experience.

page is the site of the show, is a carrier, at the same time to meet the needs of users is the answer. It is not just for the website page lists the enterprise product brochures, more is to allow users to find the needed knowledge from the resources, there will always be a good page added value, and this is the way the user finally website. You know this year’s search engine is a plus for the loyalty of users, when the page is to meet the needs of users will increase for the web site audience, will obtain the score. But if the site is frequently a high bounce rate will not keep the user, this website will not get good rankings, but what to conversion.

finally, the three – link optimization strategy of voting strategy of enterprise station.

search engine for website ranking position arrangement is based on user demand, that is as long as you can meet the maximum needs of users, so that a search engine will be displayed to the user on your site in the rankings effectively. Just so simple? It is impossible. Although we have been talking about the user experience, but the real user experience is not so simple.

keyword strategy Dennis also talked about, is mainly based on the current industry attention and heat to, but it is best to choose some new online early can bring to the site in the long tail words flow to do, and then gradually spread to the main keywords. This is a traffic strategy, but also to choose carefully. If it is not a competitive advantage in business vocabulary, so this is totally unnecessary, because users when browsing is the demand for the first, the brand that is complementary to the choice of keywords must analyze the current industry according to the analysis of vocabulary, vocabulary to use keywords, rather than unilateral list of words.

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first, strategy first gun – enterprise stand optimization.