Talk about the three principles of the chain to follow

we don’t just send home outside the chain, it will seem monotonous, may also optimize the excessive phenomenon, we should give each page in the chain also increased, so as to comply with the principle of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, search engine is also very love this type of website, it was very easy to get the search engine favor, so, the chain must consider the home page and content when we send the chain, which we call widely.

in the chain I have more experience, the chain of Web site optimization can play a very good effect, but the chain is not properly, it will be counterproductive, not only to the effect it will be down the right search engine. So, the chain must consider all aspects of the problems and concerns, there is a saying: water can carry a boat, can also capsize, this saying is very reasonable, the chain can increase website weight improve website ranking, also can make the site is k or drop right. According to this problem I made outside the chain skills, just follow these three steps the principle will not be right down and K station.

The popularity of


as long as we follow these three steps to release the chain principle will not be because of the chain and the search engine drop right and K station, the above information collated by the Nanning Shanghai Dragon Master team, do not spray. From Nanning Shanghai dragon team 贵族宝贝nn Shanghai dragon 1贵族宝贝/ please respect the author of labor,

of course, the chain is not according to the quality is to can, according to many of the high quality of the chain in order to play the effect, if one of the two basic words is not what we want to send a little effect, high quality links in the chain, so as to give the site to optimize very good. The number must be high quality links, which we call the Shanghai dragon industry popularity.

of a website is very important, but also the core of the chain, so in this respect is worth our attention, do not neglect the quality, do not blindly to publish worthless links, not just focus on the quality and quantity of the chain regardless of the chain. These are often novice mistakes, of course, some old Adsense is no exception. The quality of the chain is actually in the hair of the chain website and our website related theme, such as I am doing Internet business, you can go to some business forum released outside the chain, such as: A5, a push and so on these sites outside the chain can get good quality, which is in the us Shanghai dragon industry called correlation.


The quality of the chain