Shanghai dragon beginner experience experience

keywords to locate. The title is best not more than 30 words, short


the past third days, that is June 13th. I looked at the site of the chain ranking! Everywhere release, write original articles

after 2 days of learning, I joined the membership, put the site to change! To my surprise, love Shanghai update soon, second days update! And ranking (third pages later), the website keyword density in the range of 2%-8%! Web site each columns are the most (latest update drive), Shanghai spiders or should love hope.

, the density of 2 keywords in 2%-8%


Hello everyone, today I share my learning experience in Shanghai dragon! I do, I do not know the website optimization and promotion, in the process of orders can only rely on the ground to run a business! So tired, when I was in Shanghai love search "Shanghai dragon". There are one hundred thousand Shanghai Dragon why, for the training. When I looked at the Shanghai dragon one hundred thousand training platform for the Department of Billy why tuition is expensive, students should also exchange for Billy. Considering these two points, I chose to remit! I really worry about online training, because I used online cheated more than 4000 dollars, there are psychological concerns! For the only 240 yuan, I also did not think what, even if not learn anything, I also feel cheated


3, the website should have the update drive, each page has better! If it is independent of the page of the site, with two directory to update the blog home page.

4, every day in their own website.


I summed up in Shanghai Longfeng learning are the following:

ranking! ! better! !

I am 2011.6.10 membership, the first day of the beginning of learning into feeling good, I feel very value 240 yuan! Inside very detailed tutorial, very clear, very easy to become a new Shanghai dragon master

This is the fourth day of the

I made a stupid mistake, said he would monitor station not busy to do Shanghai dragon, after studying in Shanghai Longfeng over optimize their website, the forum also said! Because I daily majority of time are playing for Shanghai, the dragon is very curious, spent half the time to the 5 day course of study finished. Then what? I secretly to optimize your site. The title, keywords, description, all change (this is made a major surgery, do not know what love Shanghai when I update my site) sometimes jubilant to training class QQ group to send me a good web site, the teacher also repeatedly reminded me, don’t busy to optimize your web site.