Shanghai dragon unrest in Shanghai dragon Er how to treat

look at the current Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon ER and webmasters discuss ventilation most problem is nothing more than to love Shanghai in various forums and personal blogs, Google PR value of the update, the rain Shanghai dragon ranking Shanghai dragon why beyond these three things, for these things, I believe we have a point, the small dimensional and you talk about the small dimension point of view.

update for Google PR, can be said that we have been expecting for a long time! But after the update, PR lift, also make people fantastic! In addition to link the change radically! Drop, B2B enterprise class web site also has most of the drop PR, may be Google on this site has a new the general trend of adjustment, Google good, or to give a new good PR, is generally PR to rise from 0 3, more powerful direct up to 5, or even 6. such as the small dimension of the Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon, in April 11 new registered domain name, it is new the station, the updated PR is updated to 3, small dimension has been very satisfied.

for the love of Shanghai fan, in May 20th, we have been deeply appreciate the time, I believe that many webmaster have much to eat a bit of pain, this should become accustomed to! But not! Is the last ranking problem, this is the love of Shanghai included big drop, thrown by the problem of K website some stations, collected from hundreds to tens of thousands, and some from tens of thousands to hundreds, or even dozens of people, it is a little too unbelievable! May in this draft, the small dimension may be a lucky person, not only included increased, and the Shanghai dragon also ranked into the love of Shanghai the home page, this really surprising, like love Shanghai in a joke for me! But a careful analysis of the Shanghai dragon of the first three pages of the station ranking, to the first page, it may be Love Shanghai algorithm point rules, the specific dimension is verified again and wait for a little share.

I think as Shanghai dragon Er we should keep a common heart to treat these problems, always stick to their point of view, should not say east is East and West is west, others said, this Shijiazhuang.


for rain Shanghai dragon ranking beyond Shanghai dragon why, is a topic of current Shanghai dragon ER and webmaster discussion is relatively hot, Shanghai dragon why needless to say, we should all be familiar with, the rain may be significantly more strange, you do not understand this, of course, including me. No matter how the rain was claimed, is "to be the first Shanghai dragon" or "still keep Shanghai dragon first, until July 10th, or" whether the white hat Shanghai dragon or black hat Shanghai dragon or wolf rain did, I think it is really worth I admire, although I am very opposed black hat Shanghai Longfeng approach, we more or less should not rain a criticism and abuse, and so, I think as back analysis under the rain, to see what help to our