See from the development trend of occupation of the Shanghai Phoenix Station

webmaster, it sounds a very arrogant, live a very tragic edge or occupation, non industry people don’t know there are owners of the occupation, yes, this is a fact. Adsense tend to live in the world of their own, often think that your ideas will most probably it did not actually happen to get Internet users, in fact, many ideas are often mistaken, even let his life more tangled. For example, in Shanghai area of Phoenix website or blog webmaster think Shanghai Longfeng area most probably it did not actually happen, this combination will make you received some website optimization in the local business, a few days ago Adsense online article also aimed at the practice to criticism, this is not to say, you know.



now the domestic Shanghai dragon just unfolding, master of occult, muffled money, Internet is filled with the Shanghai dragon new post irrigation, which is known as the Shanghai dragon top industry forum in Shanghai dragon why but is also a new entertainment irrigation holy land, here is not to belittle the teacher Cardiff Shanghai dragon why, just say, after all, open Internet I can tolerate the small station voice. No matter how, only to do in Shanghai Shanghai dragon love first years also have deep knowledge, just want to explain the current situation of domestic new Shanghai dragon, in the absence of a better and clearer direction, choose only the Shanghai dragon why is also a matter of course. This paper is to declare war, is to talk about the Shanghai dragon the strange thing really let the webmaster how to choose the road of life.


, a Shanghai dragon about the content is king, must be practicing internal strength

Shanghai Longfeng, using traffic increase technology in line with the search engine algorithm, looks very cattle, in fact engaged in the webmaster head feet hemp, it all depends on the nature of the search engine and temper, one day traffic surge, or the site from the flow of zero, unable to get up after a fall, this is the Shanghai dragon magic is also the webmaster sorrow, then from the Shanghai dragon how to see the occupation development trend of webmaster

in website optimization, the content is every webmaster recognition, search engine optimization methods are also welcome, the web site has a high quality original content, there is vitality. As a webmaster, and website optimization, must practice ourselves, for example, you need to have a very strong executive power and judgment, and unremittingly courage, just think, no execution you can write a soft article every day, the website gets 2 original articles? No judgment, blind do stand, follow the trend of serious, you can earn money to feed their families through the site? Not unremittingly courage, the website can get long-term development? If you want to do a webmaster webmaster, in other words, is the webmaster as his lifelong occupation, you must practice the internal strength, to be in an invincible position. Skills including website code modification, website design, website optimization, soft writing ability and communication ability, the ability is the webmaster skill required.