How to supply network PR in two months rose to 2


the above mentioned site content quality determining one of the PR value of the factors, so you want to get high weight, then we have to be careful to do original content, if it is not, the high quality of the original can be updated every day, a few, the number and update the best every day, to search engines. But this fish to warn you, pseudo original or artificial to good software, don’t use, because the pseudo out of the article basically no readability can tell what

web page is search engine included the number also determines the weight level, the website generally included many websites that included less weight than the much higher website. How do we make our site more search engine page? In fact, as long as we adhere to a fixed time to update the site every day, the original content as far as possible, every time after updating the website generated after a site map, in the article with some reasonable within the chain, as long as more than a few steps, the content of the website will be

1: high quality original content or pseudo original

chain is one of the important factors to decide the PR that I think I do not have to say, here I want to say is how to do the chain and how to find high quality outside the chain, in the last article (fish: sharing resources outside the chain of four weight high) I also mentioned. You want to get high quality of the chain, we can use the love Shanghai encyclopedia, know, ask, Links etc.. On the first three I have mentioned in the above article, I will not say more, I mainly talk about Links here, many webmaster can exchange connection will often go to the wall, because they stood no weight not ranking, how do we get the weight higher than our website the link, the author do, the first station to provide advertising for other web sites for free, but the condition is the PR value must be higher than me, because there is interest relationship among them, so surprisingly good results.

2: high quality chain

with Google’s departure, many of our friends stand to reduce the level of concern but the PR value, the PR value of a site, not only represents the Google ranking and weight also symbolizes a variety of factors to your site content quality and user experience. So PR is not only for Google is also in order to comply with the other search engines.


recent news is one of the large-scale Google and update the PR, very honored is "East supply network" in their operations for nearly 2 months after this update of the success of PR rises from zero to two, ha ha. This fish tonight specifically to A5 share some small experience to enhance their own PR value, I hope you can help beginners improve website weight, good nonsense not say, the beginning of the text

3: to improve the website

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