On the site within the chain optimization seven skills


three: in the other paragraphs to the title of the article, because the article keywords in this well, can add anchor text keywords at the same time, it is very key, the chain is in the essence of construction, here I want to tell you a simple note, that is to the formation of live links such as spider webs similar to make their website links, spiders from any head in, but also from any head out, this is the essence of the chain! Here introduces a little skill, it is written in the article before you do a anchor text document, and then the corresponding original title to write their own link record, but then added at any time within the chain is very convenient!

two: in the first paragraph must appear site keywords, this does not need to add here on the chain, also do not have the keyword or add labels such as H1, H2, because we write articles to the user, not too fancy

four: the article also reflects the key words where the column, and also set up within the chain to the relevant section of the home page, so the effect is very good!

seven: that is long-term in accordance with the above six to make the chain optimization, even if one day your website ranking optimization is up, but if it is not to be.

: the title of the post should have relevant keywords, there won’t be internal chain, this is common sense, but that

Many people know that

do optimization are mainly Shanghai Longfeng sanbanfu, that is content optimization, website structure optimization and the chain optimization, as long as these three axes of a whole, it is basically a very successful Shanghai dragon master, looks like these three axes is very simple, but it is the ultimate weapon of success website optimization, we introduce in this article is website structure optimization, and the optimization of structure is the focus of the site in the chain optimization! In the text of the anchor chain websites are generally keywords, but many webmaster even Shanghai Longfeng professionals believe that an article as long as seven or eight times the anchor text, can be appropriate to enhance the bold eye-catching, there are people who put this keyword stuffing, the text becomes small, white, so as not to have the user’s reading What effect, but the search engine was able to see the suspected of cheating, it might therefore put your site to drop right or K. So how to do keywords within the chain? Here are seven ways to share with you

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five: first, the middle and the end must have keywords, but this time will naturally can not because the keywords and keywords! Is naturally occurring in can, but also can not add keywords! This is of course in the middle of a segment of the tail is still needed!

six: according to the internal chain optimization method above, to update the content, there is no time to write a original, and do the chain optimization