Keywords analysis must know six key points


positioning, is to solve the two problems. One is the accurate location of the target keywords, keywords that is professional, what is the keywords, this relatively simple, more than

Keywords: search engine Analysis of

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website has fine to each page will involve keyword positioning from the home page, keywords positioning the main problems faced by the competition and there is no one search problem. If the keyword positioning more outrageous, no search is meaningless, if the keywords competition strength is too large, then the key meaning will be lost.

recently read some materials that affect search engine rankings in addition to an important point in the search link outside demand analysis. The trigger point of the search engine is a user to search instructions, a search engine gives the best results. Around the trigger point of reflection, why should the user search this keyword, what is behind the demand, only understand the user’s search needs, so our page ranking just may come to the front row. This is the search engine algorithm to update the important starting point.

users, a target keywords may have many kinds of demand, the demand is different, the demand will change, this time is the most important long tail keywords can play a key role. Long tail keywords can reduce user access to the site, bring more accurate access to the user.


wide user demand: if you want a large range of keywords ranking, this keyword must contain all the keywords in the user requirements. Together, this keyword will have ranking. If this keyword contains demand less special, of course also ranked not before, the search engine keywords provide the most users demand given ranking. When a user searches for a wide range of words, search engines do not know what kind of demand for, only to contain the most required page recommendation to search user.



Analysis of search needs of

talk about network promotion, to study the search engine, as a passive way to promote search engines at present for our site to bring a lot of hits, by means of marketing can bring us great marketing opportunity.


has been studying Shanghai dragon, but in 2014, I think the most important thing is the keyword analysis and research, whether in Shanghai or dragon SEM is still the focus of key words. Keywords quality represents the needs of users, there is no demand for the product is not worth a hair. After a year of exploration, basically sums up six points.

to user needs a keyword contains a plurality of user needs, but more demand in more than a demand for 50% of the proportion of the demand, then search users to search the keywords, may have accounted for the important needs of page recommendation to the user.