Keywords Shanghai dragon trilogy strategy

three, according to the needs of users of website structure layout. And good personnel also need space, good website content in the absence of a very eye-catching and unique position, then it will be possible to be buried, we have to do is to determine the website structure based on keyword analysis based on the search engine not only accord with the principle of weight distribution, and more to meet the user search habits to view the content, more of the best of show to the user, retain users may have only the conversion rate. Our search words make the website structure, be arranged, make a page for each keyword, URL standard to the inside pages, then in the future continue to accumulate the chain and content of fine promotion and development, we will be stable these long tail word.

enterprises of different stations or personal blog users facing different (i.e. different audience), different user groups is brought directly to different, no matter what the face of demand, early site keywords construction is a very important link and strategy, a good keywords strategy let us take the lead in the later stage of the development, and to enhance the conversion rate stability are very good, today is six and we explore the Shanghai dragon trilogy strategy keywords.

, a search keyword (word strategy). Small sites or small business station traffic sources will generally be home, such as inkjet printer business my station, it is home to the main traffic accounted for more than 80%, while the key is I set at the beginning of the "printer" "printer consumption" and other words, for a small and medium-sized enterprise stand for the most. The key is the home of the choice, also is relatively easy, and some large enterprises station or platform website, if only a page flow, it is definitely not enough, so the traffic is mainly to search large web sites generally do not focus on the front page of the key words, but a lot of words in the long tail drive strategy word has accumulated a rich flow, at the same time the word expansion strategy will greatly enhance the image of the website, to give users a reliable feel, remember, choose the main keywords, Miscellaneous, in today’s competitive society, then the market will also be more professional and more.

life has always felt that the development of a website is not.

two, looking for more long tail keywords. Through the establishment of the strategy, key word choice, we have to face the users and their needs are grasped, down, we have to do is continue to accumulate. The continuous study of user search habits, and explore the general statistics user love search what kind of words can also stand in the perspective of the user (empathy) to explore the key words in this process can use the keyword tool on the Internet many long tail word to find love, study Shanghai billboard, Shanghai related search to determine the love view regular and fine tune. The development of a enterprise stand more will rely on the long term, grasp more customers, let flow later, is the basis for long-term sustainable development.