The Nofollow tag becomes stale

nofollow label "tell the search engines’ don’t follow the links on this page" or "do not track the specific link" ("weight is obtained through the normal transmission link) the value embodied in the" Shanghai dragon first webmaster can use nofollow tags with those rubbish site boundaries, clearly tell the search engines. "This link has nothing to do with me, not my intention."".

immediately, nofollow tag more Shanghai Longfeng meaning by Shanghai dragon ER were found, and consciously applied in the station optimization work.

to search engine, the introduction of nofollow labels is the last ditch, because of the introduction of the nofollow tag against "the world of freedom of communication of the mind. But the growing flood of blog and Forum (and other sites) link spam seriously affect the search engine with the well-known brand website interests, and can not correctly guide users to access the real value of the site, serious damage to the network order.

The usage of Google introduced nofollow

ER Shanghai dragon using the nofollow tag is mainly used for must be in the form of links marked, pointing outside the station are links on the page; and will be used in some stations there is no need to pass.

label, has been widely used in various websites, especially those that rely more on users to upload their own content (or review) website, forum, blog (the most famous example is Wikipedia).

love Shanghai encyclopedia entry nofollow this definition: "the nofollow attribute is a HTML tag value. It provides a way for webmasters, which tell the search engines do not follow the links on this page "or" do not track the specific link. This tag is to tell the meaning of the search engine of the link is not edited after the author’s own, so this link is not a vote of confidence."

simply means that, if the A page has a link to the B page, but the page to the A link with the rel=" nofollow" tagging, search engines do not the reverse link A "calculation into page B. The search engine to see this label may be reduced or completely abolished the link to the voting weights."

nofollow label: nofollow is written to a specific page meta tag, used to prompt the search engines don’t track access to export all the links on the page; the nofollow into a hyperlink, tell the search engines do not capture this specific link.

2005, Google officially introduced the nofollow label, in order to effectively curb the blog (Forum) on the rampant spam advertising links, the establishment of standardized operation of well ordered world network.