The improved algorithm for love Shanghai link chain what should we do

          direct users from which page know and then we go to meet the needs of. For example, we are doing business to business products. Then we have to consider the release of information on the B2B platform.

first we consider the role of the chain, the chain to do now as long as the chain is regular. Can give you weight calculation. Weight calculation is the main way of authority, platform matching degree and we do the chain is able to bring traffic to our website. So we know that these.

you can look at this article


down with these three issues to talk about, how to do the chain work.


but we do in the chain how to do it better, first of all is the form of soft.

found a lot of friends often ask in my website, how to do the chain. The chain should pay attention to what the problem. With the search engine algorithm, originally on the Internet a lot to those outside the chain is already unable to operate. The chain what the next step is how to produce high quality. First we go to look for our search engine chain is how requirements.

"love Shanghai Webmaster Platform released the chain 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/wiki/160" which provides so many aspects. For example: 1, 2, and the chain of garbage cheating chain chain form. So many webmaster see, began to produce a lot of confusion that citation. So what we do the chain mainly pay attention to what. What are the main problems of the

on the website

two, do not know how to send the chain

chain is a very important link, so that we do the chain. First, we know that there are three links: link anchor text, URL (clickable), web site (not click), which we can give is the link anchor text keywords ranking with voting function. The other two also can do. Do not click on the link is very difficult to form a weight calculation. Because you cannot click.

A summary of

three, do not know whether the chain will cause the effect of


we do the chain to find the core of the platform is 1, first look at what we do in the website of industry users. Then go to meet the demand of. 2, is to make our users will be in place. But we did not find the. It is the needs of the local contact.

, QQ products can be in some space, people shopping where to do outside the chain.

two, how do we go to the chain

, don’t know to what place the hair of the chain, don’t know what is in the platform to send.