Shanghai dragon Er you shouldn’t say these words

we can make your website ranking love Shanghai home in three days, 6 hours before the three ranked love Shanghai, etc.. Do you love Shanghai’s internal staff? If you have the ability to make a lot of money why don’t you do? Are hardy orders. Search engine optimization is the need of time and strategy, ranking is not a simple tool to solve things, the real through the Shanghai dragon optimization ranking is usually need 3-6 months to see a relatively large effect.

first page design and Shanghai dragon is two completely different technology. Even if will design a website of Shanghai Longfeng people really, but it certainly takes.

is a Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, heard a lot of outrageous evaluation, mainly some managers or familiar friends, even customers also think it should be done. Their understanding of the work of the Shanghai dragon there are too many errors, it may also be the Shanghai dragon threshold is relatively low, many early entry personnel of Shanghai Longfeng claim that they are the experts in the Internet dissemination of a large number of information is not true. To know the real Shanghai dragon is very technical.

Five things below ranking fell in love with the sea


search engine optimization, network marketing business in any company should be in a very important aspect of the company’s management is very important for the development of the company, it may even have great influence to survival. Therefore, Shanghai Longfeng experts should be customer-oriented.

provides many search engine optimization company or personal service, they can’t tell you what they do every day some things for you, and have the audacity to tell you that they have a powerful software to improve search engine rankings, cheat guarantee not to be punished. The fact that the situation is completely automated search engine optimization software will hurt your website weight. Only the Shanghai dragon strategy, adjusting the structure and internal links website, add links is natural to website and the ranking function. We should keep away from the use of software to automatically optimize the ranking.

, we can only use one day to make your brand all over the network

four can help you free design website

two, I can use one day to make your website in the first page of the

Shanghai Longfeng Er please don’t say:

please do not and your customers said: we can take a day to make you the information coverage of major news media and forums, social networking sites. To enhance brand awareness like it. Brand promotion is not released several news media in the soft, global forums and social networking sites sending some information can be done. Sometimes this approach has actually affected customers overall brand image.

three, can’t tell you the project plan and schedule