The analysis of competitors in Shanghai Longfeng angle station

we do Shanghai Phoenix are to complete through the web page, such as content, chain and so on, and now many master team Shanghai Phoenix are done from the structure of the web site, is said to have arrived from the program began to do optimization, search engine program, and then to two the development of search engine, ready to respond to changes, obviously we cannot enter their internal procedures, how do we judge? Can be analyzed from the website of the internal links, such as articles and the related articles, tag and website update, specific can see "how to build" strong internal links website in this article, if the opponent site architecture did not good enough, so is that they want more than sooner or later.

The original

3, check the opposition website structure

a few days ago I wrote about the website link to the article "website describes how to write to the Shanghai dragon", mainly introduces how to stand in the Shanghai dragon perspective and user perspective to write a description, in our analysis of competitors is strong can also through this article said a few points to analyze the opponent’s description is written to the Shanghai dragon, except that there are many kinds of competitor analysis method, the following is to introduce some.

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find a competitor’s site, copy the opponent’s words in love Shanghai, to see if all appear on the home page site’s domain name is a domain name or two level domain name, if the former is that the words have a lot of Shanghai dragon ER in operation, and competitors can do the home page, then they must have professional the team in the operation of the word, want more than the opponent on this keyword is almost not much hope, if it is the latter that the word competition is not very intense, the opponent can row home page is very easy, if we can do more than likely competitors will become larger.

, the 2 rivals chain

1, love Shanghai home domain level

the opponent’s website with the domain name with the webmaster tools to check the chain, if the chain number to check more than 10 thousand or higher than they think, so it is very difficult, because the chain of 10 thousand or higher are basically very old station, with the search engine to take care of the old station is too big the new station that we should quit, if the chain competitors are not below 1 thousand, if the new station, only need to pre imitate them outside the chain to double to perform, so they can exceed the possibility is big.