Search open or just a legend

at the end of November China entrepreneurs annual meeting, Zhou Hongyi also hinted that the search content is too old now closed, subversive opportunities:

signs of multiple, apparently open search really is the mainstream of the future of search in the search field, produced a revolution. But according to my search for a period of exploration, open search in the search for does not seem so subversive, so only to search non mainstream factors circles, in the future for a long period of time in a difficult climate.

In recent months the

open the search in the end where open. Open Search Search proposed is completely open to users, the search results are no longer all provided by web developers, ordinary users can also participate in the formulation of search results. This is the open search "open" the essence of.

visible information is very comprehensive, more than the expected user search. But according to my experience of optimization, which the content is divided into two parts: >




and search CEO Chen Pei also have the information to subvert the existing search market, said the previous "3B war" is a pediatrician, as shown in figure


users can participate in the search results, it is more a matter of fresh, many young people do want to try, can make their own production results can be found to other people, one of the big trend of the spirit of sharing and the internet. When I started to do, after himself through the certification in the search keyword optimization, does make a results page out. Although not on the line, but also probably know this "user participation" is going on. I think the open search difficult climate, mainly taking into account the open search in the depth of content mining is not enough.

open the search results page is a special type of display page, the content is very wide, including news, information, Wikipedia, etc.. As a search for "Shanghai the Bund", the results are as follows (some screenshots):




We must first be clear about

many people also predicted open search search is becoming the main theme, will subvert the traditional keyword search.

open search (third generation search) a growing movement, with established search in the search for representative, is quietly get users, especially young users. Figure: