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4, website optimization over

site is K can be said to be the biggest blow to station staff. As a Shanghai dragon Er, how to effectively prevent their site is K, and K can quickly find the method included again is very important. This paper only summarizes some K may be a reason for the solution, these reasons can not go.

The content of

what is collecting excessive? There may be long-term acquisition of a single site, resulting in too similar. There are input keywords to collection content, but the content is probably 01, 02 years old, the content, because the keyword will posted to our site. This content can be said is completely out of date content, can easily lead to site is K. Dong’ou valve network technical staff to come across such a station is the case of K enterprises.

optimization is generally not over what the chain is much, much of what keywords. The key is the surge of some of the data is not normal or reduction of violence. For example, buy black chain site, the first few dark chain stable, the search engine index to the chain, and the amount of the chain is very great. However, black chain is very unstable, a month or a few weeks later, we found that these links are quietly, no, this time the snapshot search engine every day also can find the data of abnormal changes, and it is very easy to cause the site is K. Of course, there is the content of the surge or violence reduction, today added a lot of information, after a few days are not moving, adding such information is also a form of the site is easy to K.

3, site acquisition over

2, the site was attacked

this is a very common is the cause of the K, especially because of the strict record, many people put the site in foreign countries. The space for one reason or another, many times the site will not open rather baffling. In the space is not stable. There is a lot of foreign because IP can be free to use, when we open the site, many people choose to freely change IP. Or even IP not only changed the physical space also changed. This operation is not very frequent, if does not matter, if very frequent, casual, the site is easy to be K off.

attack has many forms, such as we get permission in our pages into illegal advertisements or insert virus code; some DDoS attacks, leading to the site open speed, or sometimes simply will not open; there is a CC attack, the name of our site IP I have been soaring finally, leading to the site will not open. These reasons if it lasts for a few days, the site is likely to be K. For this reason the same spatial instability is the same in nature.

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