The auction money OEM auction Case Perspective reasonable strategy is the key to success


early, due to lack of awareness of the market, and the price of key is not well prepared, to love Shanghai investment and output offset bidding. It is said that this product is working for the love of Shanghai. This is what we do not want to see. Click on the product price, search click prices in more than 5 dollars, but facing the endless price war and hospital. For a price of less than 600 of the products, there is no way to account for cheap. Of course, we do not give up the search, at the same time, the focus shifted to advertising network alliance.

concentrate, then look down:

into today’s topic, the actual analysis of advertising circle one of the OEM case, through the explanation of the text and pictures to let people understand why to do that and the significance.

OEM, is actually oem. OEM is the product itself is not the key, but the brand. The brand value of There is nothing comparable to this. According to the relevant information, the most valuable brand is not the apple, but the Russian AK-47 (no good business). The key lies in the brand, advertising. Advertising is the birth of the brand only is the most effective way to

product promotion channels: love Shanghai auction, with the marketing of brand word coverage.

Product Name: confidential (confidential)

What is called

through the advertising circle of field research and analysis, we draw the conclusion: must find the conversion rate of the low price and accurate click keyword search traffic. This is a difficult time, our years of experience tells us that the existence of this kind of keyword.


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this is the main keyword we intercept account analysis, this is the 80% person in doing, will choose. But the rate of return on investment is not ideal, only to maintain 1:1.5’s awkward position.

our price, average price between 2.5–3 yuan. The rate of return on investment is slightly better (voted 1 to 1.5) but no way to expand the flow. Soking power enabled was hospital extrusion, flow diving. But the price increase, facing the inevitable problem of the decline in the rate of return of investment. Please see below:

keyword, on TV advertising, then his search traffic can not be underestimated. The index basically maintained at about 1000, and this is really a lot of words. The solution to the.

network products, brand war has quietly begun. Obviously, compared with the traditional media, the Internet OEM complexity is self-evident, because a lot of marketing channels. For non OEM products, we can see the real power flow 2000IP? B2B combat advertising circle!.