Shanghai Longfeng internal organs heart content Chain

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Shanghai Longfeng internal organs heart two: high quality chain. There are many, the way of the chain such as blogs, forums, Post Bar, love Shanghai know the basic method and so on, we all know, but do not link will have effect. If the site in order to long-term development, it must be done outside the chain of high quality. Just imagine, if you do the chain is not stable, in a few days time point have been deleted, it is wasted a lot of time, even there may also be punished by search engines. Therefore, the chain like content, only the high quality of the chain, will get the favour of search engine. Collect some personal suggestions related industry blog, forum, Post Bar, make analysis, find out some of the highest weight, then go to the chain, so that it will be a multiplier.

described above is my personal point of view, such as the need to communicate more, can add my QQ:1021360269, hope that this paper will help you write, inappropriate, please put forward. There is no best, only better.


I have always thought that in the Shanghai dragon world, talents come forth in large numbers, Shanghai dragon is numerous, some beginners will feel, so many ways, if you do every day, wouldn’t it be dead tired? Yes, take the post forum only, take one or two hours. In order to get some outside chain ah, sometimes the chain may also be deleted, then you would do the white. If you want to get more stability of the chain, it is recommended you read " how to write can be reproduced thousands of times of the " this article tells you how to get the use of soft chain. Well, not much to say, following into the subject.

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mentioned above, Shanghai Longfeng too much, because of this, so many novice busy or even at a loss, but the actual effect is, the little. Here I tell you that Shanghai Longfeng internal organs heart. Let us not be confused by these surfaces, as long as you know the Shanghai dragon internal organs heart, can create their own methods to optimize Shanghai dragon, regularity, will be a lot easier than before.

Shanghai Longfeng internal organs heart: high quality content. Why is a soft, there will be tens of millions of people. It is very simple, because it was well written. This is the content of high quality. The article so, so also the website. If your site there are a lot of high quality content, others do not collect is very difficult. As the owners of the house, A5 ah, everyone can learn a lot of knowledge here. The content is fundamental, only the site is rich in content and quality will be recognized by the user, but also will get the favour of search engine.