Shanghai dragon combat analysis cosmetics industry website optimization skills summary

so in the orientation of the core keywords, positioning is not too high, the fierce competition in the key word optimization very difficult, not only invested a lot of energy and time to management, and the final effect is not easily stable, so suggest that we choose cosmetics people easily ignored and search volume is still quite large words, these words can love and love Shanghai Shanghai index keyword recommended tools query, also the emergence of new hot words is the main target we optimize.

a word is often everyone talks about "website optimization content for the emperor, even for the king, do not only focus on improving internal optimization skills, more need to pay attention to external influences, optimization of cosmetics website is not in addition, cosmetics a lot of topics, such as in the forum or blog about the use of certain cosmetics feel certain cosmetics is currently engaged in group purchase information and so on, set a clever advertising information for their own signature, not only can the active atmosphere, but also can attract people’s attention.

ER say " website optimization, insist on " if there is no confidence, so even more clever tactics will not have a good ranking.

cosmetics website optimization is the key, cosmetics website optimization requires a combination of industry characteristics to customize, such as cosmetics mentioned we will think of Lancome, Chanel, L’OREAL, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Avene and many other well-known brands, so all of us for the reasonable layout of station brand keywords is very necessary, to optimize the work station of cosmetics not limited to the construction site within the chain, the establishment of user experience is also very important, so that Shanghai dragon er for the site to consider viscosity.

Secondly, Shanghai dragon

analysis of competition and peer website cosmetics industry, cosmetics industry has been doing the best, and has quite mature, so we just contact the site for cosmetics, popular keywords is unlikely (figure analysis as shown in the cosmetics industry key word)

We need ER


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as Shanghai Longfeng for keywords and optimization tools to better grasp the degree of sensitivity for keywords, must be high, for the most popular new optimization tools to understand first, website optimization is similarly time competition, expected to become a leader in optimizing the industry, requires skill and time we pay more than double the ordinary people. Some time ago has been busy doing cosmetics website optimization, summarizes some experience and skills from and study, to share with you: