Site optimization in different stages of Shanghai Longfeng optimization strategy

(1) 30-100.

based optimization if there is no problem, and not cheating, naturally will be ranked in the first two or three months, at this stage the ranking of the site keywords are no difference, say you up to fiftieth today, tomorrow in fortieth, this ranking is no difference, because almost no one click to go.

(2) 20-30.

site can from outside 100 into 100, your website credit is normal, at this stage the core word will have certain ranking, but also around the core word long tail keywords have different degrees of rank.

The optimization process in the


2, 20-100.

at this stage to do the vote is mainly divided into three types, the content of the chain score voting, voting, voting flow score score. This phase flow score voting plays an important role, so the drainage plays a promoting role in this stage can.

core in 100 outside, this time there are two kinds of situations: one is that the website is a new station, new station did not rank in a normal situation, but sometimes also appear just online website for a month, immediately have a ranking, but after one or two weeks of no rank, this is a normal situation. If the new station on the line for two or three months, still no rankings, even has not entered the 100, that your site optimization based on this has a lot of problems. The second case is that your website is a problem, before ranking, now there is no ranking.

1, 100.

, a division of a single keyword or website core words.

at this stage more attention flow voting effect will be better. The stage was in the top 20, but at this stage is not in a hurry, need time to slowly forward, because the vote is a effective cycle, need time, may need two to three months will take effect, ranking here may be some operation before you also did not come into effect. Many times we will encounter such a situation, has been in the optimization of a website, but not ranked, but for a person to operate, don’t seem to do what, but the rankings, this is because the optimization of operation before the people do come back to show the effect of.


site, each stage has the optimization strategy for each stage, because the focus is different, the direction of growth may not be the same, if taken to optimize the operation in different stages, so the effect is not the same. You go to the site of the need to focus on optimizing the one at one stage, this time the effect brought by far more than you have to repeat the optimization result is brought to an operation much.