Wen Qing entrepreneurship is all the way goods standing at the crossroads of science and technology

his character is too obvious, so that "is a listed company in the outgoing president of the news, the industry has been pretty close, either jumei or Chen ou, jiubang digital Zhang Xiangdong.

Mehdi, a one-stop shop has become the industry trend, because advertisers want to simplify the procurement procedures, and analysis of the data of all other platforms, while Microsoft is a one-stop shop service can meet this demand. Although shlf1314’s core business remains a search, the company has bought YouTube, a video sharing site, and DoubleClick, an online advertiser, suggesting that shlf1314 wants to diversify its business.

Chinese early Internet arena, professional skills from it: Robin Li, noble Park Zhongzhi Ma Huateng, Zhou Hongyi, Ding Lei, Lei jun…… The entrepreneurs who are now successful are geeks, and have been successful with their products coupled with a successful business model. But in the process of starting these geeks, there is very little personal preference to choose their own entrepreneurial direction.

and Wen Qing entrepreneurs is common in talking about the business model, talk about the love of human feelings, attention to the user experience, emphasizing the aesthetics of life. In life, we refuse to do nothing like "scavenger" boring mode. We love to enjoy, love rock and roll, wine and friends. But the weaknesses of the young entrepreneurs are also that they are easily confined to their own world and are obsessed with their own preferences, and lack the understanding of the whole technological world. They are doing "feelings driven" company, which may also be the current cause of the Qing Qing entrepreneurs are not many reasons.

      Beijing on June 21st news, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft’s chief strategy officer Youssef · advertising; Mehdi Yusuf Mehdi recently said that the company will launch the network advertisers one-stop shop service. Industry sources said Microsoft’s move was intended to shorten the gap with shlf1314 in the online advertising market.

Microsoft said last month that it would buy aQuantive, an online advertising company, for about $6 billion, to catch up with shlf1314 in the online advertising market. This week, YAHOO announced that it had appointed co – founder and long – term board member Yang Zhiyuan as the new CEO to replace the former CEO Terry ·, Semel Terry Semel. Analysts said that Semel’s "stepping down" showed that investors were dissatisfied with YAHOO’s market share by shlf1314.

introduction: Wen Qing entrepreneurs is common in talking about the business model, talk about the love of human feelings, attention to the user experience, emphasizing the aesthetics of life.

August 28th, jiubang digital released second quarter earnings, although the total revenue reached 1 billion yuan, an increase of 25.2%. But R & D costs, sales, marketing costs, administrative fees and other significant increases, resulting in net profit fell 70%.

Chen Ou has no reason to leave, but Zhang Xiangdong has. In 2004, Zhang Xiangdong and Deng Yuqiang founded the Peking University Alumni jiubang digital business mainly covers the GO desktop, 3G portal, 3G bookstore, has been 10 years. Business has been slow, although it was listed last year. Four days ago, jiubang announced its 3G portal to streamline and optimize. Previously also reported, in addition to retaining sports, bookstore, 3G portal most channels were closed directly.

yesterday, the largest circle technology news, a literary youth, because love bicycle go, give up the $200 million company, jiubang digital, to start.

everyone knows, he will fade the role of President sooner or later, but he doesn’t understand why he chose to turn around at this time.

Zhang Xiangdong’s life has three big desires. He wrote a book, owns a listed company and travels around the world. Dream of listing, and this year he finished writing "short flight", heard his inner voice.


has recently been busy buying small online advertising companies to strengthen or improve its current position in the Internet search business, with giants like shlf1314 and Microsoft. In this regard, some people believe that this will help the development of online advertising industry, but opponents said that after the acquisition of small online advertising companies may lead to market monopoly. Some consumers are more worried that the Internet search will be monopolized by a handful of companies, which will collect a large number of Internet users habits and other data.

he said, for jiubang, can determine the things to be more than the uncertainty of things. In that

Zhang Xiangdong: I can’t love my bike in vain.