The search engine speed and search engine submission effect

Sogou included speed is second only to Google, there is usually no barriers included, at least the home should not have included obstacles, I have not submitted, because a few pure text chain is always included. Sogou and to new ranking opportunities and even slightly higher than the love of Shanghai.

other search engines without what value analysis, in fact, will be included as a more slowly than the love of Shanghai, without a certain weight not much chance, the key is their user groups is very small. Don’t consider them.

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love Shanghai basically does not consider submitting links to you, whether you are submitted by or through the chain to attract spiders, not a week, the probability of achieving the website is very small, I submit and submit several stations are about one to two weeks included. Even submitted some risk, because in the first few days included in our website, sometimes check is included, and sometimes found not included. This is probably also love Shanghai for new sites and a trip.

made several new sites, combined with the experience of several stations before doing what I do, according to the collected log summarizes the major search engines to the railway station and the speed of search engine submission site response.

4. through

1. Shanghai Google

360 now is the weakest search engine on the grasping ability at home, because my site outside the chain of other search engines have included dozens, 360 had only a few. About it is because of this, as long as our site submitted to the 360, basic can be included. Don’t expect to rely on links to attract 360 spiders.

The latest

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Google and love Shanghai almost, whether you submit and submit results are similar. But Google is always the most quickly find your site included your home page and inside pages. Sometimes we have to expect this: if all search engines like Google like

5.360 search


this is an absolutely according to their preferences and not the characteristics of the search engine, faster than the valley brother faster and slower, can also be the slowest, submit the invalid, no response, it is difficult to have included the basic ranking, we slightly search words search will find the search to high weight website more opportunities.