The right and wrong Links you realize how much

to a company interview, the interviewer took out a website, then let me say how the website ranking sit up, I said a chase, then the interviewer then said a word, that is not the chain, behind what can I do at that time, the chain has been in the vast majority of people in the mind. But outside the chain of the chain ah, so much in your website ranking, but you also brought so many website ranking, this article, about your right and wrong for those Links, simple thinking, for the Links we stay together morning and night.

Links, has very important significance in the optimization process of a web site Links, why do you say that, if a website does not have Links, in the early time is only driven by the chain, so the effect is too slow, we are all in love and is of the same nature site exchange links, referred to as mutually with the area, so when a new station for a difficult word, probably within three months can be ranked up, this is Links ability, after all the people pick up the material in high flame, it is indeed very important Links.

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in continuous time, we found that when the site is getting better, Links standards will become increasingly high, such as your PR is 3, and you certainly don’t want to PR is the 2 website, you will hit the bottom of the discrimination, one less level who and you change (which in the beginning is really very popular), and then slowly love Shanghai BR out, then, love Shanghai and weight was moved up, if you love Shanghai, low weight, and will be despised, experienced included, experienced a snapshot of experience to PR and equivalence, experienced industry Mendanghudui’s love Shanghai weight also pulled up, even on a website, Links say too much, no one for you, even in the website of the update is too little, no one for you, these are Is the point of a website Links exchange, had almost, we have.

only a short while ago, the first thing in the morning to see the site Links there is no change, to see if there is no chain from happening, look at those sites were killed, or the site of PR increased, perhaps, at that time we don’t have much experience, we still think of the query work last night, then open the list as a row in the QQ group, every day the same text, and then copy it again, and then released to the QQ group inside, and then wait for their patronage, I don’t know if it is you, then you are so over, compulsory Links is every day, every record today how much has changed. Which website has been changed, the next day will no longer change, which may be when we really did not understand Links, blindly, have The most beautiful scenery, but those on the right and wrong Links you realize how much