mprove the anchor text strategy to enhance the user experience be nothing difficult

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second: create a "solution" anchor text

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algorithm weakens the anchor text once love Shanghai, but the proper use of the anchor text or have a positive impact on the ranking and user experience, but if the number can not be effectively controlled, it is excessive abuse of the anchor text, it may lead to is right down the situation, as in the following articles:


this site is typical of the abuse of the anchor text is right down, can see from the figure, an article has five or six anchor text anchor text so much, much is vast, bold is the user see the riotous with colour, will be upset, it will greatly reduce the user experience, increase website bounce rate. Therefore, controlling the number of anchor text is to improve the anchor text strategy, the first step to enhance the user experience, the best number is an article of not more than three anchor text, and not each, only when you need it to add, and point to the link should be reasonable, not to the old home page, should be in accordance with the the anchor text content to add the appropriate link.

when a reader to DIV+CSS, HTML and other terms, he may not know.

also mentioned above, using the anchor text point to the home page to enhance the website ranking is out of fashion, this approach not only to the rank did not, but also hurt the user experience, imagine, a user may want to see the half, and then an anchor text and out of the home page, the user experience is poor the. Users are with a website article click on our purpose and demand, therefore, to create a "solution" anchor text is the user wants to see. What is the "explanation" of the anchor text? Love Shanghai Encyclopedia for us to make a good example:

The best example

love Shanghai algorithm changes suggest that we use the anchor text, the rankings have become the past, so the anchor text is not what we should be abandoned? The answer is no, because I think the anchor text should enhance the user experience, enhance the user experience that is now the real anchor text value. Well, do not talk nonsense, we explore the use of strategies to improve the anchor text, enhance the user experience on the site.

: the first control anchor text number


anchor text is to add some text in the HTML document link tag, so that these words can be after the user clicks and jump to a specific link. Only a short while ago, use the anchor text for the optimization of Shanghai dragon ranking is very effective, it is for this reason to love Shanghai algorithm weakening the anchor text of the rankings, most of the time will lead to excessive use of the anchor text website ranking drop, cause must not countervail the situation.