On the 5 question should pay attention to the website optimization

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five content. More content, more conducive to optimization, can reduce the website pictures into text that is best. Because of the love of spiders in Shanghai will be more love website, then the residence time will be longer, so it is beneficial to your website.


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four, the age of the domain name. The domain name age, the weight of the station will love Shanghai more high, also more conducive to optimization.

webmaster know, if you accept a website, we must first analyze he is not suitable for optimization, if you want to optimize this station will analysis what he is not conducive to optimizing. Learn to analyze a website that can bring great convenience to their customers and. You can definitely tell him the station needs to be able to do the top for the long time, even can estimate you can do the first few. So a web site analysis is very important, I can share with you my experience analysis of the website:

three, page is not conducive to the user experience. The webmaster all know, a step in the chain is also very important. For example users to watch the news, he will by clicking on the relevant information to go in to see the news, a small link above if prompted: home company news – news headlines, so it is suitable for optimization, if not, I suggest Adsense will be added.

, not FLASH or image navigation. As we all know, love is not recognized Shanghai pictures and FLASH. At present should mainly rely on the context of the pictures, is the picture in the page title, and the contents of the text, by which to judge what is the content of a picture. If your navigation is a FLASH or a picture, love Shanghai spider that the place you have nothing, so it is not conducive to optimization.

two, the degree of difficulty. Do you want to do good website ranking, keyword interpretation is essential. Love is a Shanghai index reference data value is very high, if you love this station Shanghai index is not high, it may be 1,2 months to the first 3, but if is very high, then you will need 8,9 months 1,2 years is also possible, but your client will not wait so long, so to take on a website, to analyze his words easily is very important.