The three reason of web traffic instability

, a keyword ranking fluctuation

holiday traffic are relatively lower than usual. Unless you are designed to do the type of festival website, so, on the contrary, the holidays when the traffic flow is high, usually low, because 365 days a year, not every day is holiday. Many webmaster often wonder why the holiday traffic is poor, even the usually is not saturday. In this case, I want to say is, for wage earners, when work may be to use the computer to access the Internet and the like, but to the holidays, many people will choose to give up the computer to enrich his knowledge, or to relax the tense mood to work. So even if your web site keywords ranking is very good, but the search user is relatively less and less natural flow, this situation should be said is normal, because they are not the webmaster, not every day in front of the computer.

most of the time, the main flow of the site by the search engine, for from the search engine to much traffic, then talk about the web site keywords ranking. If you find your website traffic high low, then the first thing you should check your keywords ranking is volatility, in general, the first and third flow difference is big, if the flow rate is high in the first place, when low in third, caused by the is the keyword ranking. Because there is a competitor, he is beyond you, naturally, the original belongs to you to flow away, so this situation is not what bad thing, because every search engine ranking algorithm, it is difficult for you to ensure your keywords row up has been maintained, in this situation, the author suggests to do more the chain and update more quality articles, so by improving the user experience to overtake rivals.

How many

every webmaster will see their website traffic. Statistical tools are used to go to the webmaster. But sometimes the website traffic is so suck, good yesterday, today suddenly to a one hundred and eighty degree turn. IP is scanty. So this situation is what causes it? Is it a problem or a website search engine is eyeing, followed by a drop right or K stand for? All of the above is speculation, webmaster should carefully analyze before reaching a conclusion, or the blind node on then blindly, okay. Got into something. The reason for the unstable site traffic has three:

The relationship between

two and holidays

if your traffic through the soft Wen, so when the flow rate of high and low is very normal. Most of the time, the soft can be brought to the site overnight thousands of traffic, but after some time, when the soft sink, or there is a lot of types such as piracy, contribute like, just beginning to vote, because there is only one.

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