Xiao Yao deep analysis of causes of website right down

Some sites in the

4. keywords, description tag

5. server factorsThe stability of the

maybe your site is down right is due to external links and drag, when you are down the right, look at your website to external links have not been in love with the sea K or love Shanghai hair site, if this is the case you can still put these links take.


two, website right down

3, included drop (even if you update daily content more, but the search engine is still in the lower your collection).

large chain manufacturing waste

after the revision of the main domain although links have not changed, but the column, the content link is changed, this is a search engine optimization taboo, had to face the premise of revision in the website, should not change the original column, link address.


often do not modify your website title tags and Description tags, if you often modify these labels, so that a search engine will think your station is an unstable, not normal site, often modify title and Description will be in love with you even at

2. website

The content of the website


server also determines the site in Shanghai love in the ranking, in the selection of the host, it is best to choose some relatively good IDC service reputation, considering also need to consider the security issues under the server when these factors, such as your website is often hackers, Trojans and other settings to hang in your the home page, so you believe that your site will not be drop right?

, how to judge the website is down right


1, home is K, general search home page disappear in the search engine, or site, is not the first home page.

8. is intent on making a large number of links to a page, the >

6. external links

1. Links: Links is a more important factor in ranking web site keywords, love of Shanghai Links requirements is very high, in general, for Links should be on their website related site exchange links, it is best not with PW, adult, gambling websites Link exchange.

2, keywords ranking direct descent (large number of keywords in the search engine rankings have declined phenomenon).

content in the search engine main stand position, so as to stand, the content of the website should be refined, not for ranking, flow and stood. Also, the content of the web site to be similar to your keywords, if you update the website on the subject does not match the content for a long period of time, then you are down the right search engine is no ground for blame.