Analysis of user search habits and the relevance of the word love Shanghai

once I see in the micro-blog blog posts are included, " Leadership: what do you mean? Zhang: not what meaning, meaning. Leadership: you this enough meaning. Zhang: small, small. Leadership: you are interesting. Zhang: I have no other meaning. Leadership: then I feel shy. Zhang: I feel shy. This > "

in 2012 compared with the previous search marketing has undergone fundamental changes, we mentioned the most is "user experience" in the search field. What is the user experience? The word gives the impression of a vague, love Shanghai Wikipedia’s explanation is: the user in the process of using the product of the subjective feelings, for different user groups, is a different kind of common. So I think, the user experience and user search habits inseparable, and user search habits and keywords and inseparable, speaking words, nature cannot do without love Shanghai word, therefore, today we explain the association between inevitable user search habits and love Shanghai participle:

today’s Internet users are no longer fool (although we often say to the user as a fool), take the author himself for it, before Taobao search will only buy clothes, T-shirt, but I do not find the thought, and then I will search for "men’s shirt collar T shipping, haha according to the information, really is not the same, soon to find the products I need. Because our users are getting smarter, more and more have their own ideas. So in love with sea launched "love Shanghai segmentation technology" to meet user demand strong.

two: love Shanghai word (keywords will spare)

remember a friend with me, why Google in Chinese and love sea competition at a disadvantage, remove some Chinese type factors, the love of Shanghai is the biggest advantage of love Shanghai word, obviously, this point Google obviously felt The climate does not suit one. Here, I love Shanghai to the monkey king seventy-two word is not an exaggeration, it really will.

: user search habits

I have been to the friends and customers have to emphasize a point, to make their own products through the search engine platform to display the target user, then we must stand in the user’s point of view to consider the issue. At this point, with the literary words should be called the "care", or "Empathy". Such as "Shanghai dragon", we can not be a subjective judgment of search "Shanghai dragon" users must be looking for someone to do the optimization, might want to learn Shanghai dragon. But the search for "Shanghai dragon optimization company" is to ask people to do the optimization. More and more enterprise users and Shanghai Longfeng practitioners are aware of a truth, when we hand keyword information is more abundant, more in the search engine platform users. This is what I mentioned in earlier articles, the fundamental reason why enterprises should establish their own keyword thesaurus.