[note] love is webmaster Shanghai Start Black news source campaign

.Author: Lu Songsong

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love Shanghai over a period of time will automatically review the cleared site, if has cleaned up does not conform to the standard content included and no longer increases, love to welcome the sea again. But if at the time of the inspection site still found problems, will lengthen the review period, even never refuse into the news source site. In addition to wait for the automatic review, the webmaster can log in Shanghai love Webmaster Platform in cleaning up the site content, enter the feedback center appeal, there will be specialized staff to the complaint handling.

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was not related to black and the theme of love, Shanghai for low quality news source is also zero tolerance. Especially the normal news channel with obvious advertising and advertising business or soft, clearly does not belong to the news articles or content, is also an important object to be cleaned.

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At the same time,

World Cup soccer gambling prevailed, went to the gaming interests crazy invasion of normal site period, love Shanghai found several news source site was hacked after gaming content. Love Shanghai decided to increase efforts to clean up the news source in June 20th, start the clean black news source of special struggle, as of June 26th, a daily average of 80 sites was black to clear out the news source.

also love Shanghai: news sites should focus on the site and field matching, such as local news station is the most valuable local news, and the site of the industry is the most valuable industry information. For users, expect to see is associated with the field of the theme of the news, rather than the other, the emergence of a large number of entertainment news in the real estate channel or health site is very inappropriate.

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform has just issued a notice:

Address: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/feedback