Technical Adsense forever pain

I call myself "technical stationmaster", it is not because of my technology is powerful, but I have the characteristic that technical stationmaster exists commonly. I have several websites, all procedures are written by myself, can run very stable, but the wine is afraid alley deep, even if the webmaster provides the most needed things, will no one cares.

I can’t help feeling inferior to my promotion ability, racking my brains to think of creative ideas and becoming a website in reality, but no one uses it. I would like to introduce my website, if you are a webmaster, please keep on looking, this content will help you! read more

Web Analytics the five major rules for designing responsive navigation menus

Abstract: This paper focus on the more challenging response of Web design: Design of response type navigation menu, there are five rules, you can easily and efficiently design responsive navigation menu in the small or large screen on the screen no matter.

Web design (Responsive Web response design) the idea is that the design and development of the page should be based on user behavior and environment equipment (system platform, screen size, screen orientation) of the corresponding response and adjustment. Responsive design allows you to create unique user experiences on different platforms, while maintaining minimal maintenance work. read more

Baidu and Google included rules inside you with a long day

for web updates and included, search engines have their respective laws. Therefore, every time the site updates included, are affecting each site operators nerve. Because the update is included in the rankings and Baidu Google ranking basis, of course, each site’s own situation is not the same, updated included can not be generalized. According to the Internet actual combat expert Huang Xiangru careful observation and comparison, summed up the Baidu, Google updates, included rules and phenomena read more

Problems existing in local websites and problems to be solved

recently, I’ve been helping with the link, and of course I’ve looked at some of the local websites. The exchange of more than really found some problems, of course, some problems are considered SEO, and some of the problems is the overall planning, the problem appears to be no problem, but if some, for the influence of the website is really not small, here I will see some of the questions I recorded, wish. Station friends pay attention to these details.

one, the details affect the weight of the site read more

How to avoid the operation of blogger blog the seven year itch

in the current network situation, how long is the lifetime of the unique blog? I think many people want to know the final answer. In fact, the current blog is very difficult to do, in addition to the content is difficult to adhere to, the dispersed reading groups, blog viscosity is the bottleneck of the development of blog. But in another way, if you can keep your character long, then you are the winner. Because persistence is an important factor in the development of blogs. So, how to prolong the life cycle of your blog? How to avoid the itch, avoid their xiebuxiaqu on the blog? I had a few ideas. read more

Mad animal city success public number operations need to adhere to or change

really want to talk about the "crazy animal city", the adults see nature of racial discrimination, political struggle, people see the dream, the pursuit of youth; and never give up; see the joy of childhood, juvenile Meng Disney movie.

but we’re in Internet circles, the exquisite picture of the content and depth of feeling, taste, and full of positive energy, the story of liberty to carefully polished literary and art circles, we see is that the nutrition from it: the public number, you stand in the height of the ratio of them in the end what difference a promotion? Who you have far than clever marketing distance. read more

Competitor analysis of website optimization

the analysis of SEO data is essential whether it is a new site or a competitor research. Site analysis, all SEO is God in explanation, will say a word, but for site optimization personnel to enter the SEO industry for a short time, site analysis, is nothing more than the domain name in Webmaster tools, record some important parameters, such as PR, BR, and other data collection, this is really simple? Today, twenty-one aspects of Q pig analysis from the site data, explain how to analysis and optimization of a web site, for the next step of site planning, preparing data. read more

Business electronic mall collapse winter reflection on good project fallen

When a

mall collapsed, nearly 20 banks fell into the whirlpool of default payments. And consumers can not think of is, as a card no secret payment rights of contracted merchants, Beijing Electronic Information Technology Co., Ltd. is excellent in case there is no sign of suddenly announced the closure.

December 2007, the original digital electronic commerce business director Han Jitao started, he led a team of 20 people set up Beijing donglinanshan Information Technology Co. Ltd. in Beijing on the Longquan Lake Hotel, established in the same period the Beijing Electronic Information Technology Co., Ltd. is excellent, the camp’s credit card installment shopping platform "and shopping", just two years it has nearly 20 bank credit card installment mall third party operation qualification. read more

B2B website operation should pay attention to several problems content and promotion should be appro

in recent years, the development of B2B enterprises has become increasingly mature, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises engaged in the B2B industry, in the bloom season, it is also the most difficult to highlight when their own website, marketing has become the focus of the content of each B2B site can not be ignored, so, how to use the marketing website in order to Chang B2B site

talent shows itself?

and network based on their website and Nanzhao operating experience, to organize some B2B website operation precautions. read more

gnorant insist on doing local industry station

Internet webmaster must satisfy a premise: have independent domain name website. Even though I knew nothing about technology, I was assigned to the station. My domain name and space were purchased in August 2007. In October, my "learning wave education network" was on the line. Fortunately, my website has been profitable for a month on the line. I’ll talk about my personal experience here.

in the first half of 2007, I’m still working for a gift company. The company’s model is to use the Internet to promote orders, and then discuss with customers, and continue to find manufacturers in the Internet, earn intermediate profits. Although the company is not much, but the monthly income is not low, and sales staff do not have to go out to run, business information, do promotion, customers are generally directly through the site can find us. While I’m at work, I also learn to understand the internet. Prepare my website plan. Early stage must have good planning: long-term goals and simple way of profit. read more