The use of high weight blog or forum tag to increase the site outside the chain

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believe that the webmaster should see here understand my method, I will describe the specific. First released a blog or forum posts, in the beginning, they need to own web site (because only a small part of the interception in tab in the beginning of the article), and then set the tag setting, should pay attention to the following 2 points.

2, tag do not set too much, about 5.

as a webmaster all know, the chain ranking on the site has a crucial role. The difference between the chain and the chain of high quality and low quality of the chain. For example, to publish the article in the Admin5 belongs to the high quality chain, and the chain software group belongs to the low quality of the chain. But we can not deny that the optimization of the low quality of the chain on the site or have a certain effect, especially to some degree of competition small keywords. This paper will share a practice after I verified the increase of the chain method, the use of high weight blog or forum tag to increase the chain. read more

Web site optimization process of several common fatal error

fatal index: you can feel

title label

so, how to solve this problem? One way is to use the 301 permanent redirection, will turn to other URL to the one you want only URL, such as example贵族宝贝 redirected to www.example贵族宝贝, so the search engine will know which URL is your home page. Method two is when the release of the chain links all point to www.example贵族宝贝, the effect is the same.

web server instability

everyone in Shanghai Longfeng optimization process will be more or less mistakes, some mistakes can easily make up, but some wrong once made even if other optimization methods do more also play a significant role. Here we look at the four Shanghai dragon optimization process of fatal error: read more

Evidence of love Shanghai spiders can crawl the text

after a search found that when the website reproduced in the article, the above URL, and text URL:

found a 404 crawl crawl is wrong, but 贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/1227.html was behind a ">" theory will appear this kind of link error ah.

long ago I wrote a good text format. On the weight of the website, today I finally found a pure text site can attract spider love Shanghai evidence.


love Shanghai Webmaster Platform has to open the station, which has many useful functions, including the submission site map, submit dead links, check the robots and so on. There is a function you may not pay much attention to it, and that is the site to grab the abnormal query. read more

Analysis is not conducive to the website optimization and search included several cases

site navigation system to let the search engines cannot read "

2, "no title or title does not contain a valid keyword

3, the web page text keywords less effective

website is the cornerstone of informationization of small and medium enterprises, not a website in the Internet era is not good to greet people. For the small and medium enterprises, for cost considerations, will choose self-help, free website etc. website building tools to create their own web site the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, such as micro enterprises such as the station platform. read more

The ad man came back into the toilet put goods in the advertising allows users to scan code to buyD

3 days later, Mcgovern died.

IDG capital founding partner, Xiong Xiaoge,

San Francisco in March 16, 2014 at the Stanford University hospital bedside, sad to say goodbye to Xiong Xiaoge Jiangrenleishui, followed 22 years of the IDG founder Mcgovern.


the feeble old man can hardly speak, but to see the flying Xiong Xiaoge vaguely make light of travelling a thousand li, smile on the face, and to gather all your strength, want to be the same as usual and old friends in fine Fig.

was such a special relationship that Xiong Xiaoge could only say goodbye to Mcgovern’s favorite "Good News" before dying in the hospital bed. In the final with 22 minutes, Xiong Xiaoge told Mcgovern this life to create two legends: one is the coverage of publishing, research, venture capital IDG, two is the Brain Science Research Institute at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology set up, he will be the two legends in developing the Chinese. read more

Luxury nternet start upsJust completed 700 million financing donkey mother to leave the three new b

How bad is the online business of

perhaps it’s no longer important to swing between plagiarism and innovation, and it’s important that you create value for your users. It’s a question whether there’s any need for Chinese users to be shielded from GFW.

in addition to 460 million yuan equity financing, in the first half of 2016, King domain culture also borrowed 545 million yuan.

, the donkey mother is leaving the new board,

December 12, 2016, Jing domain culture has just completed a 720 million yuan financing. Just take the money on the "running", where is the donkey mother ready to go, read more

From the love of Shanghai green dream algorithm 2 teach you to identify the real soft Wen


as an article I wrote "how to write the medical station more attractive?" this is my apprentice, long long written, interested can read. How do you play on the title of the article definitely help, here I just say a little, don’t puff, such as the following several cases, you don’t have, "a senior expert outpatient, medicine", "XXX hospital, is your best destination", "XXX hospital, trustworthy reputation". These are the object of Shanghai love attack, if I had the chance to see this article, don’t write. read more

Discussion on the method of mining long tail keywords

tools use some tools to statistical method: the long tail keywords, commonly used tools are: love Shanghai love Shanghai index, search, love Shanghai droplist, chase WordNet, love station network, super housekeeper. Of course, not the keyword appears in these tools we can do, we also need a preliminary analysis, for example: in search for love in Shanghai, some are painted. Some key words is not working, some are very competitive, we have to discard these.

method four: Class Three: class ask: for example, the Shenzhen site which company? Which of the Shenzhen air conditioning repair company? How about Shanghai dragon Research Center?…… Comparison of class: for example: prize.the and Dahne which good? Taobao贵族宝贝 appliances and appliances which have Jingdong mall security? Wheat bags above package cheaper than Taobao?…… Parity: U.S. air and GREE air conditioning which is cheaper? BMW and Mercedes Benz which electrical price expensive? The United States and Jingdong mall mall as above read more

2012 Shanghai is the love of the medical industry doomsday

around November, love Shanghai imitation of 360 types of medical search, in search results related website record information, and remind the user Caution! Website. In the domestic website for the record has been relatively slow, so many owners choose not to record or by individual case, but the search results appear, is undoubtedly the medical industry have a huge impact, the user for the medical website some personal record or the record no longer trust.

3.10 month

4.11 month

in Shanghai for love, for special keywords in a hospital, not allowed to have sex for Shanghai. For example, before bidding can have love Shanghai XX Hospital in Beijing, now the hospital name for word has not emerged, whether it is the search which hospital do not appear. So the protection for hospital brand words, only through the Shanghai dragon to achieve, but also love Shanghai Shanghai dragon of medical industry vigorously against. read more

Grace and hatred of 360 search and private hospitals


statements of a school, when not true. This paper starts from the 贵族宝贝leezisem贵族宝贝/post/133.html by the plum original please keep the link.

the Internet is boring, but the Internet is wonderful, if you want to list the recent internet wonderful vote, I think we will select 360 search". Chinese search market is always love Shanghai alone big, Sogou, soso there did not affect the Shanghai exclusive love cake. However, a 360 search. All are scared. Public opinion. Love in Shanghai. Let this new search engine is the focus of attention of Internet rapid rise. Here the plum and not to say the environment, only the private hospitals out look en hatred and 360 search and private hospitals. read more