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love Shanghai over a period of time will automatically review the cleared site, if has cleaned up does not conform to the standard content included and no longer increases, love to welcome the sea again. But if at the time of the inspection site still found problems, will lengthen the review period, even never refuse into the news source site. In addition to wait for the automatic review, the webmaster can log in Shanghai love Webmaster Platform in cleaning up the site content, enter the feedback center appeal, there will be specialized staff to the complaint handling. read more

Analysis of user search habits and the relevance of the word love Shanghai

once I see in the micro-blog blog posts are included, " Leadership: what do you mean? Zhang: not what meaning, meaning. Leadership: you this enough meaning. Zhang: small, small. Leadership: you are interesting. Zhang: I have no other meaning. Leadership: then I feel shy. Zhang: I feel shy. This > "

in 2012 compared with the previous search marketing has undergone fundamental changes, we mentioned the most is "user experience" in the search field. What is the user experience? The word gives the impression of a vague, love Shanghai Wikipedia’s explanation is: the user in the process of using the product of the subjective feelings, for different user groups, is a different kind of common. So I think, the user experience and user search habits inseparable, and user search habits and keywords and inseparable, speaking words, nature cannot do without love Shanghai word, therefore, today we explain the association between inevitable user search habits and love Shanghai participle: read more