Steve Jobs denied knighthood for not speaking at a political conference

first_imgEvery year in the UK a number of deserving people from around the world get awarded an honorary knighthood by the Queen for the work they have done in their field or some outstanding act. Bill Gates received one back in 2005, for example, for his work to reduce poverty as well as making Microsoft such a success.It has been revealed today that Steve Jobs was also in the running to be knighted in 2009, but ultimately is was blocked by the then Prime Minister Gordon Brown. If he had good reason to block it we would understand, but apparently that’s not the case.A former senior Labour political party minister has revealed that Mr. Brown blocked the knighthood because Jobs refused to speak at a Labour party conference. Brown took the opportunity to take a bit of revenge it seems.Read more at Telegraph (image courtesy of Wikipedia)Matthew’s OpinionMr. Brown has not commented on whether this is true or not, and it seems incredibly petty to me. Jobs not wanting to talk at a political conference in another country makes perfect sense. He may have no knowledge of what the party stands for, or he may do and not agree with their policies. It would be inappropriate for him to take part due to his public image too, unless he wanted to support what they were doing.But regardless of Jobs’ decision not to attend, it should not have had any bearing on him getting a knighthood. Such an honor would be awarded for his contributions to the tech world and how he has brought Apple from the brink of disaster to the market leader it is today. A prime minister with an axe to grind should not be able to stop that from happening, and if it turns out to be true there should be repercussions for him.last_img read more