Nintendo releases the 3 hardest Mario levels ever created

first_imgMario titles have always been games anyone can pick up and play regardless of your gaming skill level. It’s only when you get deeper into such a game that the difficulty starts to spike, but even then, it’s never too hard. That changes with New Super Mario Bros. 2.NSMB2 was already notable for being the first game Nintendo has offered with DLC made available in the form of new level packs. And it’s one of those DLC packs that sets the new bar for level difficulty. In fact, two level packs have just been released. The first is called Mystery Adventure Pack, the second is fittingly called Impossible Pack.Both will cost you $2.50 to download, but it’s clear to see the three impossible levels will take you far longer to master than the mystery ones. Not only does the layout of these courses make it extremely difficult to navigate them without dying, there’s also no coins or power-ups available along the way. Your only means of collecting coins is the time left at the end of the level.This is also reflected in the coin targets set for each pack. The Mystery Adventures Pack has a target of 20,000 coins. For the Impossible Pack it’s just 100 coins.Nintendo only recommends purchasing the Impossible Pack if you have “supreme confidence” in your Mario skills. That’s sure to get many veteran Mario game players interested and spending some cash. I’d recommend completing the game, completing all the other level packs, and only then consider the impossible levels. It could end up in your 3DS %displayPrice% at %seller% being thrown around the room in frustration otherwise.last_img read more