Bing Dian reopened under tight control as new sanctions slapped on investigative journalists

first_imgNews News March 12, 2021 Find out more ChinaAsia – Pacific to go further China: Political commentator sentenced to eight months in prison Reporters Without Borders is sickened by cynicism of the Publicity Department (formerly Propaganda Department) which has authorised the reappearance of the Bing Dian (Freezing point), supplement of the daily Zhongguo Qingnian Bao (China Youth Daily) after removing its editor and best investigative journalist.Elsewhere, two journalists, one in Xinjiang in the north-west and the other in Beijing have recently been punished for investigating sensitive topics.”The reappearance of Bing Dian is an act of bogus leniency. The investigative weekly has had its two prime movers cut away and replaced by a loyal communist party journalist,” said Reporters Without Borders.”While the crackdown and censorship of the media is being contested by veterans of the Chinese communist party, sanctions continue to bite. They confirm the determination of Hu Jintao to gag the press to prevent it from revealing the failings of the regime,” it said.The China Youth Daily announced on 16 February 2006 that its weekly supplement, Bing Dian would be back on the streets on 1st March. On the other hand, its editor, Li Datong, and its chief investigative journalist, Lu Yaogang, have been moved to the daily’s research centre, which according to several sources is a “way of sidelining retired people who deal with statistics and working conditions at the paper”.The authorities have named Chen Xiaochun to replace the editor, a faithful member of China’s Youth League. He will be responsible for the weekly’s editorial line and is to publish in the next issue an attack against the article, “Modernisation and history books” – related to the foreign occupation of China at the end of the 19th Century – which was used to justify the suspension of Bing Dian on 25 January.Reporters Without Borders was also able to confirm that the authorities have stepped up control of the discussion forum Jizhe De Jia (, often used by China’s journalistic community. It has also been able to confirm that the words “your message has been deleted and your details registered” is sent to Internet-users when filters detect a word banned by the authorities. Users are blacklisted when they send several messages containing words such as “democracy” or “Bing Dian”.Elsewhere, on 8 February 2006, Chen Jieren, 34, editor of the Tuesday edition of the Beijing daily Gongli Shibao, has been demoted to simply sub-editor by the management. This decision follows a complaint from the Chinese government to the Ministry of Public Affairs in the charge of the daily, about an article that referred to translation errors in the English version of the official site of the Chinese Communist Party. “This article negatively impacts on the image of the Chinese government,” the government said.Chen Jieren had also in January published an investigation into corrupt officials who embezzled money earmarked as compensation for flood damage in central Shaanxi province. The daily had also published a portrait of President Hu Jintao, although only the official news agency Xinhua is authorised to do so.Journalist Wan Weimin, in charge of judicial affairs on Xinjiang Jingji Baoshe (Xinjiang Financial Journal), was dismissed by his management in January for having submitted an article about some 30 families living in the region’s forests because they had not been paid since 2002. The journalist took up their case after the local party head rejected their complaint.This official repression was strongly challenged in an open letter published on 14 February 2006 by veterans of the Chinese Communist Party. “This harsh censorship sows the seeds of a real disaster. How can one forget the bloody lessons that Chinese history has given us each time power is wielded through violence?, said the 13 signatories, including the former head of the Propaganda Department, Zhu Houze, a former editor on the People’s Daily, Hu Jiwei, as well as former personal secretary to Mao Zedong, Li Rui. They called for the reappearance of Bing Dian, which sells about 400,000 copies. News Organisation Receive email alerts April 27, 2021 Find out more Follow the news on China Help by sharing this information The investigative weekly Bing Dian has been authorised to reappear but its two prime movers have been replaced by a journalist loyal to the Chinese Communist Party (PCC). Two reporters, one in Beijing, the other in Xinjiang, have recently been punished for investigations relating to the PCC. News China’s Cyber ​​Censorship Figures Democracies need “reciprocity mechanism” to combat propaganda by authoritarian regimes RSF_en February 17, 2006 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Bing Dian reopened under tight control as new sanctions slapped on investigative journalists June 2, 2021 Find out more ChinaAsia – Pacific last_img read more

A Job Well Done

first_imgA Job Well Done January 15, 2005 Regular News A Job Well Done CHARLES O. HAGAN, JR.,thought he came to Tallahassee to tell the Supreme Court about the early days of Florida Lawyers Assistance, Inc., which provides confidential peer support for attorneys, judges, and law students impaired by reason of alcohol, drugs, or psychological problems. But Hagan, center, was really lured to the capital city in December to be recognized by the court and the Bar for his work in establishing the organization and for serving as its executive director from its creation in 1986 until his retirement in 1992. Chief Justice Barbara Pariente, left, lauded Hagan for helping develop a program that became a model for lawyer assistance programs throughout the country; creating a hotline for those seeking assistance; establishing a network of monitors who assist lawyers seeking help; and developing support group meetings available to lawyers. Bar President Kelly Overstreet Johnson, right, said, as a result of Hagan’s dedication, FLA has opened more than 2,600 formal cases, made approximately 10,000 informal contacts, and has positively affected some 30,000 people. Just weeks later on January 3, Hagan passed away after a battle with cancer.last_img read more

US women football league planning month-long tournament

first_imgRelatedPosts US judge blocks Trump’s postal rules that could disrupt election US to divert outstanding 2020 WHO dues – Official US extends travel ban on North Korea The National Women’s Soccer League in the US is set to move forward with plans for a month-long, single-city NWSL tournament starting in late June.The tournament will take place at Rio Tinto Stadium and Zions Bank Stadium in suburban Salt Lake City, Utah, with “regular” COVID-19 testing expected for all participants. Already, some team members are expected to arrive as early as next week.However, a spokeswoman for the NWSL declined to comment.The news comes as teams and leagues across North America explore how – and when – they can return to competition.The bulk of professional sports calendar has been on hold worldwide since March.NASCAR returned to action on Sunday and the PGA Tour is expected to resume next month after putting on a charity two-on-two match on Sunday as well. Other leagues, including the NHL and the NBA, have not yet set plans for resuming their seasons.Reuters/NAN.Tags: TournamentUS National Women’s Soccer LeagueusaWomen’s footballlast_img read more

Some headed to Chile for spring break

first_imgAri Bermann, a second-year master’s in business administration student from Chile, was attending Shabbat dinner the day the 8.8-magnitude earthquake hit the country and only heard of it when his father called from Santiago to report the news. After relaying the information to family members and checking Facebook to verify that others in Chile were safe, he began to think of ways to help.Bermann decided to return to Chile for spring break, despite travel warnings from the U.S. Department of State.“Aftershocks are still going on. I’m going to stay one week and see what I can do,” he said.While in Chile, Bermann plans to attend a wedding and volunteer with Un Techo para Chile, a volunteer organization building temporary housing for displaced Chileans.Upon his return to USC, Bermann plans to hold a fundraiser for building efforts and encourages other Trojans to get involved.“If students want to go down there, that would be amazing,” he said. “I’m sure the help will be needed for a long time.”Most students, however, do not have plans to visit Chile or Haiti; some because they are assured of  the safety of their friends and loved ones, others because they don’t want to get in the way of relief operations.Oscar Viel, a Chilean in Marshall’s International MBA program, also had family affected by the earthquake. Because all are safe, he has decided to wait to return as scheduled at the end of his program in July. Still, he does not minimize the extent of the impact.“Building is the most urgent need,” he said. “In the next two to three months, it will be winter, and it rains quite a lot. It will be very critical to build houses.”Tirsa St. Fort, a junior majoring in business administration who has family in Haiti, recalled her initial reaction to the Jan. 12 earthquake.“I had a speechless reaction — just didn’t know what to say,” she said.Though she reports that her extended family on the island escaped unharmed, most are still in dire straits, and her immediate family in Boston is considering traveling to Haiti in a month’s time to deliver clothes and other resources.St. Fort suggested that anyone looking to aid the relief efforts consider donating to a non-governmental organization and think carefully before traveling.“Everyone right now is trying to survive, so going down on your own wouldn’t make much sense,” she said.Groups of students from universities such as Penn State and the University of Maryland are traveling down for alternative break trips in the affected countries, but Melissa Gaeke, director of the USC Volunteer Center, said the university does not have any organized trips to Haiti or Chile.Though the USC Institute for Global Health is currently assembling a team to travel to Haiti, there do not appear to be any plans to include students on such a trip. Gaeke noted that the university cannot send students to locations under travel restrictions.“My office is bound by travel warnings — we are not able to organize trips if there’s a travel warning,” she said.Indeed, the notifications on the U.S. Department of State website are fairly dire. The Haiti travel warning “strongly urges U.S. citizens to avoid travel to Haiti … The Embassy’s ability to provide emergency consular services is limited.”As for Chile, the warnings are only slightly less ominous. The department “strongly urges U.S. citizens to avoid tourism and non-essential travel to Chile.”Still, for students driven to volunteer, Gaeke offered the following advice: Link up with a trusted organization, make sure you have confidence in and clear assurances from the organization and be certain to obtain travel insurance.She also noted that the skills required for rescue and medical help (as in Haiti) are different from those needed for rebuilding (as in Chile). In general, she said skilled workers are considered much more valuable than unskilled volunteers.“You have to think of a country’s capacity and the framework in which they can take advantage of your skills,” Gaeke said.last_img read more

With collegiate careers ending, 4 SU seniors qualify for Big East championships

first_imgChris Fox remembers the state of Syracuse track and field when he entered his first year as head coach in 2005. To put it bluntly, the team simply wasn’t that good. But five years later, that is no longer the case.And Fox has a quartet of departing players to thank for that.‘They came in and we were terrible, and now we’re pretty good,’ Fox said.SU burst onto the national landscape during the last four years for a multitude of reasons, one of which has to do with a group of distance runners from Fox’s first recruiting class. Brad Miller, Dan Busby, Curtis Bixler and Jeff Scull have carried the Orange on their backs the last four years, and the results are clear. All have qualified for the Big East Outdoor Championships this weekend and have aspirations of making it to nationals. But for now, the focus is on the Big East, which is the most important meet of the season so far. After last week’s solid performance at the Penn Relays, Busby is ready to finally make his mark in the Big East. He will be running the 10K for the third time, and he’s hoping that will be the charm.AdvertisementThis is placeholder textBusby last competed in the event during his freshman and sophomore years with disappointing results.‘It has been my Achilles’ heel,’ Busby said. Fox expects both Busby and his roommate, Miller, to win their events this weekend. After four years, they know what to expect at each meet.The meet is the second-most important meet of the year behind nationals.‘I would be disappointed if they don’t qualify for nationals,’ Fox said. ‘They’re seniors and they know it.’Even though Miller and Busby have the fourth- and fifth-fastest 5000-meter times in the conference, respectively, neither will be competing in that event at the Big East championships. It’s a statistic that speaks to how deep SU’s roster is.Still, Busby and Miller will need to serve as anchors if they are going to place well as a team.‘It’s the one meet out of the year that we really look for team points,’ Bixler said. ‘It’s the once race of the season when we just worry about racing people and not times.’Bixler will be competing in the steeplechase for his third and final time. Last year he came in fourth, and he is looking to drop even more time off his scores from that meet.Miller, meanwhile, is returning to SU next year for a fifth year. But for Busby and Bixler, this meet is their curtain call before regionals, and possibly nationals.‘Me and Dan are looking to finish on a really good note,’ Bixler said.Now seniors, the duo of Busby and Miller, along with Bixler, have experienced the ups and downs.‘I’m better, more disciplined (as a senior),’ Busby said. ‘In high school I didn’t know anything about running. I just went out and did it. I’ve learned to run a lot smarter.’He hopes that intelligence will carry him to a performance four years in the making. A performance that will hopefully propel him to nationals.Said Busby: ‘I want to reverse the curse.’[email protected] Facebook Twitter Google+ Commentscenter_img Published on April 26, 2010 at 12:00 pm Contact Rachel: [email protected]last_img read more

Freshmen lead Trojans to fast start in 2012

first_imgGarrett Stubbs recalls the experience with the slightest smile.Trojan baseball’s freshman catcher sensation had just heard his name announced over the public address system at Dedeaux Field at the start of the Trojans’ fourth game of the season. On opening night a week before, Stubbs also hit leadoff, had his name called first during lineup announcements and ran out to the foul line, as is customary on opening night. His other teammates in the starting lineup joined him as their names were announced.On this particular Friday night one week later, Stubbs was again hitting leadoff. The Trojans do not usually run out to the line when their name is announced during pregame and had not in three games since opening night.Informed by his teammates, however, that all starters ran out to the foul line when their name was announced on Fridays, Stubbs trotted out of the dugout when his name was heard.Recalls Stubbs, “[My teammates] were all like, ‘Gotcha freshman. We don’t do that kind of stuff.’ So I was kind of put back in my place as a freshman.”It would be more than understandable for Stubbs to not feel or act like a freshman. In his first four games as a Trojan, Stubbs went 7-16 (.438 average). Toss in three walks on top of that and that’s a .526 on base percentage.Stubbs and fellow freshman Stephen Tarpley (pitcher) and Dante Flores (second baseman) have been integral parts of the Trojans’ success at the start of the season. The Trojans opened 7-0, their best start since 1988. They then dropped three straight, but have since won back-to-back games to put their record at 9-3.Tarpley has started all three of the Trojans’ Sunday series finales, and picked up his first career win March 4 against No. 6 North Carolina, going six strong innings, allowing just two runs on four hits, with eight strikeouts to his two walks.“Tarpley has done really [well]  for us,” said USC coach Frank Cruz following Tarpley’s win on Sunday. “For a freshman to show like that is really great.”In his young Trojan career, Tarpley has amassed a 3.45 ERA more than 15 2/3 innings pitched, with an incredible 24 strikeouts in those limited innings.Flores has not had the chance to contribute as much as Stubbs and Tarpley, usually forced out of the lineup by more established and experienced players at his position. Yet he cannot be kept on the bench all the time, because when he is in the game he produces. He has just four hits and one walk on the season, but two of those hits were triples, and he has scored three of the five times he has reached base.“It’s been so much fun,” said Flores of the start of his career so far. “This whole atmosphere has just been awesome to be around.”But Stubbs is the “Golden Boy” of the three. And as impressive as his raw numbers have been, Stubbs’ intangibles are really what sets him apart. So far this season, he has played left field, centerfield and catcher and was in fact recruited as a middle infielder, providing valuable versatility.Even less tangible is Stubbs’ natural ability to make plays. He has covered the outfield gracefully. He has yet to make an error despite having never played there before arriving at USC.At the plate, he is adept at advancing the runner and putting the ball in play. He did not strike out for his first 20 at-bats of the year and has just four strike-outs in 44 total at-bats.In the Trojans’ victory over Jacksonville University earlier this season, Stubbs went 0-4, but recorded two RBIs by simply putting the ball in play, twice hitting groundouts up the middle with a runner on third.“All of us have come together, all of us have been able to contribute and it’s just been great to be a part of,” Stubbs said of his class’ contribution to the season so far. “We’ve gelled together really well as a unit, too. We’re all going to live together next year.”That’s when they won’t be freshmen. For now, they still are. Even if they don’t play that way.last_img read more

Alice Springs Masters Games

first_imgThe Alice Springs Masters Games will be held from Saturday, 11 October to Saturday, 18 October 2014, with Touch Football one of the 33 sports on offer. Men’s, Women’s and Mixed divisions will be offered at the event, with Alice Springs boasting excellent Touch Football facilities and great competition. There will also be plenty of social events with a jam-packed entertainment program featuring the Opening and Closing Ceremony with some fantastic Australian entertainers. The Alice Springs Masters Games was the first Games of its kind in Australia, with the inaugural event held in 1986. Held every two years, the Games offer athletes 25 years and older the chance to experience Australian sports in the red heartland. For more information about the Alice Springs Masters Games, please visit the event website – Related LinksAlice Springs Masterslast_img read more

India Blacklists Two UAE Firms for Abandoning Seafarers

first_img“Since the above-listed companies/recruiting agents have been found to be habitual defaulters in terms of payment of seafarers wages and basic provisions, it has been decided to blacklist them,” the circular reads.As a result, the recruitment and placement agencies who have recruited and placed Indian seafarers on board the above-said vessels were ordered to immediately withdraw Indian seafarers and repatriate them. The government also warned that future recruiting should not be conducted for the said ships and companies.“The immigration authorities are also requested not to give immigration clearance to the seafarers for boarding above said vessels,” the directorate added.Alco Shipping is a repeat offender with regard to seafarer abandonment.As World Maritime News reported in July last year, seafarers, comprising nine Indian, three Pakistani, one Sri Lankan and one Myanmarian national, manning the UAE-flagged products tanker MT IBA, owned by Alco Shipping Services, had their basic human rights breached.Maritime charity Human Rights at Sea (HRAS) informed that the crew had been stranded on an unsafe vessel, anchored off the coast of UAE, without fresh food or fresh water, unpaid and denied access to medical treatment.#ModernSlavery – 10 Seafarers the crew of ‘ABS-1’ Abandoned on unseaworthy ship owned by ‘ALCO Shipping Services LLC in UAE waters for over 2years, salaries unpaid since 2015 in 2 cases. Deprived of fresh food and drinking water. #Abuse #Torture #Slavery— Justice Upheld (@Justice_Upheld) March 1, 2018 Furthermore, in July 2017, the stranded Indian crew members of MV Sharjah Moon managed to return home after several months of ordeal in UAE.The sailors had been abandoned by the shipowner, who was refusing to cooperate on the matter and had not been paid their salaries for over six months.The five Indian men were among almost a hundred of Indian seafarers left stranded in the UAE waters, according to India’s Consulate General in Dubai.World Maritime News Staff zoom The Government of India has blacklisted two companies from United Arab Emirates (UAE) for seafarer abandonment.The companies in question are shipping and management firm Shah Al Arab Marine Agency and M/s Alco Shipping Services LLC, the Directorate General of Shipping said in a circular on Monday.The decision was prompted after Indian seafarers were left stranded in Dubai for 22 months on board eight ships.These include oil tankers Enjaz 1 and 2, MT Dharma, M.T. Ocean Prestige, Ocean Grace, general cargo vessel Ajwa, production testing vessel Sharjah Moon, and M.V. Azab.The directorate said that seafarers were unpaid for months and hadn’t been repatriated after their contract completion. However, despite these issues being public, the companies in question continue to recruit Indian seafarers and several recruitment agencies have been found to have deployed seafarers to these [email protected] seafarers abandoned by Alco shipping services LLC vessel of MT Dharma,Ajwa,abs1,we are working in this company from last3year still no signoff no salary,we are now at sharjah hamriyah FZC birth no-9 from last5-6months,plz help us sir— Mariner kataria (@marinerkataria) March 21, 2018last_img read more

Brazeau defence We will challenge that lady

first_imgSuspended Senator Patrick BrazeauBy Jorge Barrera APTN National NewsThe lawyer defending suspended Senator Patrick Brazeau in his ongoing assault and sexual assault case wants to use statements made by the alleged victim to the RCMP during a separate Senate expenses investigation to challenge her credibility, Quebec provincial court heard Friday.Brazeau was not present for his Valentine’s Day date with the court. His defence lawyer Gerard Larocque appeared on his behalf.Brazeau’s next court date was set for April 11 for a preparatory conference which could lead his eventual trial date.The Algonquin Senator, who was appointed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper in 2008, was charged last Feb. 7 after Gatineau police arrived at his rented townhouse and found him locked in an upstairs bedroom. Police received had two phone calls from a crying woman earlier that morning.Gatineau police allege Brazeau choked and spat on the woman, his former partner, according to a court document. Police also allege he pushed her down stairs, grabbed her breasts and pulled her pants down hard enough to snap a button and break a zipper.Larocque was trying to move the next court date to June arguing the defence was still going though disclosure and needed to obtain video and RCMP police notes of an interview Brazeau’s alleged victim gave the RCMP as part of the federal force’s fraud investigation into Senate expenses.Brazeau, along with retired Liberal senator Mac Harb, was charged by the RCMP earlier this month with breach of trust and fraud as a result of the investigation leading to those charges.Brazeau was suspended from the Senate late last year over his Senate expenses along with fellow, former Conservative Senators Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin.Larocque has already obtained an audio recording and transcript of the RCMP interview, said Quebec Crown prosecutor Sylvain Peticlerc. Petitclerc said he wasn’t aware that any video existed of the interview and said the defence was simply trying to play for time.Brazeau’s lawyer, however, told APTN National News the video existed because of the type of interview the RCMP conducted with the alleged victim. He said if the Crown doesn’t provide the video, the RCMP will.Larocque said the RCMP interview was pertinent to the case because it would speak to the alleged victim’s credibility.“Come to the trial, we will be able to challenge the lady,” said Larocque.Larocque also said that he doesn’t believe the Crown has provided him with all the disclosure yet.Peticlerc told the court he had.RCMP Cpl. Ben Jolette interviewed Brazeau’s alleged victim in June and July of last year as part of the Senate expense investigation, according to an Information to Obtain, filed in Ontario court by the RCMP in August.According to the ITO, which was used by the RCMP to obtain access to Brazeau’s Bank of Nova Scotia and TD Bank accounts, the alleged victim described when and where she met Brazeau and how their relationship evolved.She told the RCMP that in the 20 months she lived with Brazeau he never lived in Maniwaki, Que., which he had listed as a primary residence to claim housing expenses.The alleged victim told the RCMP Brazeau was basically homeless after his last marriage broke up, alternately living with his brother in Gatineau, his administrative assistant or at an Ottawa hotel. The pair eventually moved into the Gatineau townhouse from where police received the two phone calls on the morning of Feb. 7.Brazeau has also recently run into some financial difficulty. Last month, the Bank of Nova Scotia moved to repossess a home he co-owned with his former wife, according to a document filed with the  District Registrar of the Land Registry District of Gatineau. The bank said they owed $201, 015 of their mortgage and a separate loan, according to the document.The house was vacated on Jan. 5, said the document, which was filed on January 27.Larocque wouldn’t comment on whether he believed Brazeau could pay him until the end of the trial.Brazeau, however, has managed to reconstruct his love life. His new partner, Vanessa Brisson, appeared with him on the night of Nov. 6 when he the Senate voted to suspend him.Brisson, who works as a server at a Gatineau bar, is scheduled to appear in Quebec court on Feb. 25 to face cocaine and marijuana possession charges, according to court [email protected]@JorgeBarreralast_img read more

Two Indigenous protesters ordered to end protest at fish company

first_imgVANCOUVER – Fish farming company Marine Harvest says the B-C Supreme Court has ordered two Indigenous protesters, who have occupied the company’s houses and dock at Swanson Island for months, to leave by Saturday evening pending an upcoming hearing.Marine Harvest says the court also ordered them not to board or interfere with any of Marine Harvest’s salmon farms operating in the area.It says the order is pending a June 25 hearing of an application by Marine Harvest for a broader injunction order.Court documents filed by Ernest Alfred and Karissa Glendale, who are named as defendants, say they and many others from the ‘Namgis First Nation and surrounding First Nations are opposed to open-net fish farms in ocean waters in their traditional territories.They say they are legitimately concerned about the impacts the farms have on local fish and sea life.They say that as local Indigenous people in an area subject to ongoing Aboriginal title litigation, they have the right and responsibility to peacefully witness and observe fish farms and that an injunction sought by the company limiting them from within 20 metres of its fish farms is “overbroad.”Alfred called the injunction a “small setback” for the occupation, which has been ongoing for 268 days, and said he would respect the law.“I believe that fish farms will be a stain on our people’s history, and that when we look back at this time, we will celebrate our efforts and we will remind our children and our grandchildren about the time we just about lost our salmon,” Alfred said in an interview.“I firmly believe that the moment we remove these pens, we relieve the salmon of one their biggest threats.”Marine Harvest was previously granted an injunction against protesters who were occupying its Midsummer Island salmon farm in December 2017.Court records say the conditions of adjournment in the current case would be “similar” to those ordered in December 2017.It says if persons re-occupy any of the sites in the undertaking, the company may reset an application in relation to that activity on 48 hours’ notice.In a statement, Marine Harvest spokesman Jeremy Dunn says the occupiers are interfering with the company’s “legitimate activities.”“Meaningful dialogue with First Nations in the Broughton Archipelago, where we have been operating salmon farms for 30 years, remains a priority for Marine Harvest. Unfortunately, our efforts to date have not been successful, but we remain hopeful,” Dunn said in a statement.last_img read more