AFC executive accused of beating plantain chip vendor

first_imgA plantain chip vendor was allegedly beaten by a senior Alliance for Change (AFC) official on Sunday night.Injured is Nateram Rabindranath, also called “Diamond”, 54, of Woodley Park, West Coast Berbice Region Five (Mahaica/Berbice).Reports are that at about 18:00h on Sunday, Rabindranath was beaten Abel Seetaram following an altercation which allegedly started after Seetaram’s 16-year-old son had had an argument with the vendor’s 21-year-old son. The teen reportedly complained to his father, and the father in turn allegedly pulled Rabindranath from his bicycle.Nateram RabindranathSeeing the confrontation ongoing, public-spirited persons attempted to intervene, but Seetaram’s wife, who was at the time carrying a baby, reportedly jumped in the middle of the scuffle and claimed that if she was touched she would make a report at the Police station. This led to persons walking away and the fight ensued.The injured man was picked and taken home, while relatives went to the Police station to report the incident. When they reached the Fort Wellington Police Station, Seetaram was already there. Subsequently, the Police went to the injured man’s home and took him away.“I told them that they have to take the man to the hospital, and one of them said, ‘He bleeding too much, we have to walk and lift him and take him to the hospital’. They got him on the ground for a long time and then a corporal come and tell them to put the man in the vehicle and take him to the hospital,” Rabindranath’s wife told this publication.She added that when she reached the hospital it was 19:00h, and was told that she had to wait until 21:30h for a doctor to arrive and transfer her husband to the New Amsterdam Hospital.Senior Alliance For Change (AFC) official Abel Seetaram“They refuse to allow us to take him to the Mahaicony Hospital, and they say that is the doctor has to do everything, so them ent do anything to him, just leave him lying there bleeding.”Meanwhile, as family members and the Police were waiting on the doctor, some went back to the Fort Wellington Police Station so that a statement can be taken, but the officers there refused to take one.This publication was also told that subsequently family members approached them offering compensation.Guyana Times understands that the Police have since arrested Seetaram. Rabindranauth is now warded at the New Amsterdam Hospital, suffering from a fractured jaw, a fractured nose, and internal bleeding. Medical reports also indicate that there is a clot in the skull.On Sunday evening, doctors at the New Amsterdam Hospital performed emergency surgery on Rabindranauth, who arrived at the medical facility in an unconscious state.Investigations are ongoing.last_img read more