Local authorities again target the daily Ziarul de Vrancea

first_imgNews News Follow the news on Romania Organisation Romania: In an open letter, RSF and ActiveWatch denounce judicial pressures on investigative journalists following a complaint from a Bucharest district mayor to go further News November 9, 2004 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Local authorities again target the daily Ziarul de Vrancea RSF and 60 other organisations call for an EU anti-SLAPP directive RomaniaEurope – Central Asia Help by sharing this information center_img December 2, 2020 Find out more Receive email alerts Ten RSF recommendations for the European Union RSF_en A journalist covering presidential elections for a local daily in Focsani, north-east of the capital Bucharest was subjected to harassment by three separate political and official figures in the space of a few hours on 6 November 2004.Reporters Without Borders and Romania’s Media Monitoring Agency (MMA) expressed alarm at attempts to intimidate Sebastian Oancea, of the Ziarul de Vrancea (The Vrancea newspaper) while covering the campaign of the ruling Social Democratic Party in alliance with the Romanian Humanist Party (PSD-PUR Union).The two press freedom organisations recalled that journalists on the same newspaper have previously been subjected to official local harassment. Representatives of the local authority have launched a total of 160 legal actions against the paper.In this first incident, George Baesu, former prefect and PSD parliamentary candidate, told Oancea: “You deserve to be beaten for what you have written!”In a second incident Oancea approached the president of the municipal authority, Marian Oprisan, to take his photo. The official then told journalists present at a press conference that they should “stay within a special area for journalists, like in the civilised world”. Journalists are ordered to maintain a distance of three metres to film or photograph Marian Oprisan.Finally, Oancea asked local police chief Silviu Crin Grosu, “Mr Grosu, did you know that the Ministry of Administration and Interior has banned local police officials from participating in the election campaign?” The police chief replied: “Mr Oancea, unless I am mistaken, your mother works for us at the inspector’s office, doesn’t she? “And what does that have to do with my question?” the journalist asked. “There could very well be a connection,” the police chief replied.The municipal authorities in 2002 blocked sales of the newspaper by bringing in cranes to demolish half a dozen kiosks selling the paper. The kiosks had become the sole sales outlet after the public distribution company Rodipet broke its contract with the newspaper. RomaniaEurope – Central Asia News November 23, 2020 Find out more May 26, 2021 Find out morelast_img read more

Modern Manners: Bad Breath

first_imgHuman beings have a lot of pretty disgusting tendencies that are guaranteed to turn an ordinary, relatively relaxed social situation into an embarrassing and slightly nauseating nightmare. I’m not talking about public farting, burping or even watching a mate puke their guts out on the side of the street after a few too many vodka-oranges on a Friday night. If you want to really repulse your friends, mild acquaintances, or even your date, give bad breath a try. We’ve all been there: trying to subtly manoeuvre yourself away from the culprit; holding your hands over your mouth, breathing out and having a sniff to make sure yours is ok, or edging closer to your new beau, about to go in for the kill, only to discover a new side to them you hadn’t been expecting. Let’s face it, you don’t need to fancy someone for bad breath to be a turn off! Whoever thought that this silent but oh so deadly whiff could be so technical? There’s the ‘stale beer’, the daily curry eater, the ‘didn’t realise how garlicky that garlic bread would be’, the chain-smoker and (possibly the worst) the ‘I just haven’t bothered to brush my teeth for a few days.’ This last is inexcusable. But if there’s anything worse than being a victim of another’s halitosis, it’s the gradual sinking realisation that as you’re leaning in to talk to a friend at the crowded bar they’re subtly trying to edge away… suddenly that extra garlic pizza you ordered the night before doesn’t seem like such a bright idea. There’s only one thing for it: at least 10 pieces of gum and numerous manic scrubbings of the tongue with as much toothpaste as you can manage without gagging. Apparently the smell of garlic doesn’t just linger in the mouth; if you’ve had enough, it actually sneaks its way out through the pores of your skin… When that’s the case, a full on shower and a vigorous, soapy scour of your entire body is the only option. Yes ladies and gentlemen, it matters not what it’ll make you late for – whatever it is will have to wait because ultimately, although bad breath that you haven’t realised is a shame, bad breath that you know about is an unforgivable sin. Trust me, whoever you were meant to be meeting will be grateful you made them wait.– By Helen Smithlast_img read more

Consecrated virgin speaks on vocation at SMC

first_imgJessica Hayes, who is the first consecrated virgin in the diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend in the last 25 years, spoke about her journey discerning her vocation during the latest installment of Theology on Fire at Saint Mary’s on Wednesday.Hayes said during her time in Catholic grade and high school, she only met two religious sisters.“I remember them being there,” she said, “but it didn’t teach me much about what religious life was like because they were on their own and they didn’t really talk about it. There was also nothing that striking about what they were doing or who they were.”She said what drew her away from the religious life of sisters was the fact that the sisters she met were from her grandparents’ generation.“To me, it looked like the religious life was something that people didn’t really do anymore,” she said. “That’s not a bad thing. It’s just not something that young women chose.”Hayes visited religious communities to see if that path was for her, but she did so half-heartedly — in the same manner that she dated, she said.“I could see marriage and religious life as good,” she said. “In the deepest part of my life, I knew neither one of those were for me.”She believed her vocation was to marry and have children since she was young, she said. As her life went on, she met more women in religious orders and started to see the religious life as a possible path for her, though it was not something she truly wanted, Hayes said.“I knew it was a good thing,” she said. “It was a beautiful vocation and I was seeing women live it joyfully, but at the same time, I knew that wasn’t where my heart was.“For me, for all of this time, there was either life in a religious community or married life. So I thought, ‘If I’m not called to [the religious life,] then I must be called to marriage and I just haven’t found the person yet.’ That was my attitude for some time.”According to Hayes, the main role for a consecrated virgin is to commit her life to prayer above all else. Hayes is able to hold any occupation, and throughout history, consecrated virgins have been doctors, teachers, accountants and other odd jobs, but the job the women choose cannot take precedence over the life of prayer, she said. She also has to be of service to the parish and her community, Hayes said.Hayes, who is a teacher of theology at Bishop Dwenger High School, did not want to live in a religious community because she wanted to continue being a spiritual mother to her students, she said.“I really enjoyed my students,” she said. “All of us are called to mentor some people. My students were allowing me to guide them in that life. They had good questions about prayer, and I really enjoyed being a mentor to them in that way.”According to Hayes, she was guided to her consecration by studying the Theology of the Body during her later life.“That’s when I started realizing how much I love learning about the faith,” she said. “I think learning the truths about the theology of the body and how stamped it is into our very being teaches us much about how we are called to love and be loved.”Hayes found a spiritual director to help her navigate through the difficulties in life regarding her occupation, she said, but he recognized his guidance was needed to help Hayes figure out her vocation, instead.“He really challenged me to think more deeply about how I was going to give myself,” she said. “I had someone posing challenging questions and then holding me accountable for those answers. I couldn’t just think about them and then not get anywhere — he wanted an answer.”According to Hayes, her decision to become a consecrated virgin came through the process of trying to figure out what she truly loved. She realized she loved the faith, teaching teenagers about the faith and being around her parish community.“There were so many things about my life that I already liked, and I think this priest could see that in a way that I couldn’t, because, to me, there was still this one unanswered question that I didn’t want to talk about,” she said. “He could see there were places of joy for me and wanted to help me to draw those out.”She had to think critically about whether her life plans were what she wanted or what others wanted for her, she said.“There [was] so much pressure, which I didn’t notice up to that point, to marry and have kids,” Hayes said. “They’re all really good things to want, but I could finally explain that these were not the things I wanted. … I needed to have the courage to take the next step forward.”This decision helped her fill in the gaps she had been trying to fill throughout her life, Hayes said.“For a really long time, I had tried to get myself to accept that I was going to be single,” she said. “I moved from accepting it and putting up with it … to a whole-hearted desire that this is all I really wanted in my life is to be united with Christ in a spousal way, where I give myself completely and publicly over to him, but also in the world, so that I can continue living in the way that has brought me so much joy, but now with that extra step … because I choose to.”Hayes said she wants to be an example for women to demonstrate there is another way to fulfill their vocation.“We know what marriage is, and we know what the religious life is, even if we haven’t experienced it by living around religious communities,” she said. “But there is this other way, this union with Christ, but where we live in the world.“I think [with] the witness of women living in the world as consecrated virgins, there’s this constant reminder that living a chaste lifestyle is one that brings great joy and it looks really weird because no one thinks about living that way by choice — it’s more by consequence. But I think that kind of a witness is really powerful, because it makes a woman available to those around her in a way that she can’t be if she’s living in a religious community, where she has those responsibilities to community life or to the life of a family.”According to Hayes, people have thanked her for her courage and for giving her life away, though she believes it is the easiest and most natural part of her life.“In any discernment, what is really is more than anything is knowing yourself,” she said. “Whenever it is, we find what God is calling us to — there’s really no sense of loss. It’s like he’s offering you the opportunity to be yourself in the greatest way possible, in the greatest joy possible.”Hayes said she feels she truly found her vocation in becoming a consecrated virgin.“In my discernment, I feel what happened is it opened up my whole heart,” she said. “Now, I live with my whole heart and it’s a much better live than not really knowing ourselves.”According to Hayes, looking into the life of Mary and Mary’s acceptance and willingness to be the mother of God helped her realize this was what she truly wanted and what God wanted for her.“I feel like for me, a common thing with Mary’s annunciation was that I had that one moment of absolute clarity that this was what the Lord was asking of me and this was what I most desired,” she said. “I don’t know that I’ll ever have that for the rest of my life, but I don’t know that Mary did either. But she was absolutely certain that this was what the Lord wanted. … That was true with me, too.”Tags: consecrated virgin, religious calling, saint mary’s, theology on firelast_img read more

Netherlands roundup: Pension funds, social partners to tackle diversity

first_imgSubsequently, the pension fund organisation and StAr – which represents the biggest unions and employer associations – would flesh out best practices for increasing diversity and come up with policy proposals and a rota for appointing trustees, Koolmees said.The rota is meant to support an early search for new board members.Accountability boards to get approval over cross-border transfers The Pensions Federation and the Labour Foundation (StAr) are to collaborate to encourage Dutch pension funds to increase board diversity, social affairs minister Wouter Koolmees has announced.In a letter to parliament, Koolmees said many schemes still failed to comply with the Code Pensioenfondsen, which stipulates that every pension fund must have at least one female trustee as well as a board member of under 40 years old.According to the minister, 40% of the 240 pension funds lacked a woman on their board, while 65% of boards don’t have a younger trustee.He indicated that the federation would engage with non-compliant pension funds in order to hear about their “experiences and barriers”, starting with the country’s 20 largest schemes. Wouter Koolmees, social affairs ministerThe accountability boards (VO) of Dutch pension funds will be given the right of approval over transfers to cross-border schemes, social affairs minister Wouter Koolmees has said.Answering questions from parliament about the implementation of the IORP II directive, Koolmees said representatives of workers and pensioners would have to agree with such a transfer.However, he said this wouldn’t apply for a collective value transfer between Dutch entities “as this would remain subject to the Dutch prudential framework”.The Christian Democrats (CDA) indicated that the minister’s answer did not entirely dispel their fears regarding different supervision regimes abroad. The minister didn’t exclude the possibility that other EU member states would tax pension assets, the party said.However, Koolmees argued that pension funds considering a value transfer would logically take aspects of stability and taxation into account before making a decision.He emphasised that individual participants also had a right to object.last_img read more

Annenberg hosts strategy series speaker

first_imgOn Thursday, the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism’s Media, Economics and Entrepreneurship (M{2E}) program hosted David C. McCourt as part of its “Strategy Session” series.“These sessions are typically designed to have an outside senior leader from an outside agency come in and talk about a particular problem in a particular industry area,” said Chris Smith, co-director of M{2E}.McCourt’s list of achievements includes winning an Emmy for Reading Rainbow and receiving an award from the White House for his accomplishments in the private sector. Previously, he has served as the Resident Economist at Annenberg.In this discussion, McCourt talked about what he learned during his career in telecommunications, working on everything from the development of the first economically viable cable company to a partnership with the Irish government.To begin the session, McCourt discussed the many disadvantages facing young entrepreneurs of this generation.“When I was doing a research program, you had to get a book. It allowed you to connect the dots and go about pattern recognition,” McCourt said. “You can Google something and the machine does it for you. When you had to do that the old way you developed a pattern recognition yourself.”McCourt, however, praised USC for the work it does with entrepreneurship.“This media, economics and entrepreneurship [program] solves that, and you’re the only university that’s doing that,” McCourt said.McCourt recently set up a partnership with the Irish government to create e|net, which they hope will be a model for providing Internet access to rural communities in the Middle East and Africa.When asked why he selected Ireland for this startup, McCourt cited two major reasons.“Number one, Ireland is a small enough country that we can test things. It’s 12 percent of the population of Southern California, so we can do something and see the results,” McCourt said. “Number two, this company has to be based somewhere and we don’t want it to be an American-centered company.”McCourt hopes that through e|net, he will bring engineers from satellite, fiber optics and cellular backgrounds to tackle the issue of affordable access to the Internet, which McCourt sees as an ethical duty as Internet provides everything from media to healthcare.“There’s three billion people who are screwed from getting ahead,” McCourt said. “We want to find a way to connect those people.”Despite the current resentment towards American communications companies because of strict government regulations, McCourt argued that regulatory bodies have little effect on business.“My general view on regulatory bodies is that they will almost never put a startup business, but they’ll almost never take a startup out of business,” McCourt said. “I think you almost have to ignore these regulatory bodies and do what’s right.”Throughout the discussion, McCourt emphasized three things about his ideas on business. He said he valued an adherence to ethics, innovative thought and willingness to fail.Many students said the topic that resonated with them the most was McCourt’s emphasis on “quality failure.” McCourt believes that the only way to be an entrepreneur is to embrace failure and then find a way to remedy it. He considers the fear of failure to be a great disadvantage inn.Denise Guerra, a second-year graduate student studying journalism, supported this idea.“My favorite part was his speech on failure and failing better and the idea that it’s continuing experimentation,” she said.Miles Winston, a senior majoring in public relations, echoed this opinion.“[Failing harder] resonates with me as I’m thinking about what to do next,” Winston said.McCourt closed the discussion with an emphasis on collaboration.“[Partnership]’s been good for all aspects of my life,” McCourt said, citing everything from his businesses to his marriage.Editor’s note: An earlier version of this post incorrectly stated said McCourt had been married more than once.Follow us on Twitter @dailytrojanlast_img read more

Sellas calls up 29 into Black Satellites

first_imgTwenty-nine players have been called up into the national U-20 team camp to begin preparations for the 2015 Africa Youth Championship.The selected players are to report to the national camp in Prampram on Wednesday 7th January.The Black Satellites will play a two-leg international friendly against Ivory Coast later in February.Ghana have qualified for the Africa Youth Championship to be staged by Senegal from 8-22 March 2015.Goalkeepers1. Mutawakilu Seidu – Hearts of Oak2. Sai Micheal – Berekum Chelsea 3. Odam Mustapha – Inter Allies4. Kofi Mensah – Dwarfs5. Kwame Baah – Heart of Lions Defenders6. Owusu Bempah – Hearts of Oak7. Christopher Bonney – Kotoko 8. Emmanuel Asante – Kotoko9. Asmah Patrick – B. A. Utd.10. Joseph Adjei – Wa All Stars 11. Joe Aidoo – Inter Allies 12. Latif Abubarkar – Liberty13. Stephen Anokye Badu – B.A. UtdMidfielders14. Kofi Yeboah – Wa All Stars 15. Yaw Yeboah – Right to Dream16. Attobrah Asiedu – Edubiase 17. Osman Sackey – Heart of Lions18. Prosper Kassim – Inter Allies 19. Michael Otoo – UniStars 20. Noah Martey – Bechem 21. Paul Asare – Wa All Stars 22. Emmanuel Antwi – Liberty Professionals23. Isaac Nyarko – Great Olympics24. Isaac Quansah – Heart of LionsStrikers 25. Samuel Afful – Hassacass 26. Benjamin Tetteh – Dream FC 27. Samuel Tetteh – WAFA28. Abbas Issah – Asokwa Deportivo29. Henry Medarious – Laziolast_img read more

Corn, soybeans, and wheat bearish

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Higher corn and soybean production in Brazil is bearish. U.S. corn ending stocks unchanged, soybean ending stocks up 10 million bushels, wheat ending stocks up 30 million bushels. Watch the close in relation to noon time price activity.Before the report corn was unchanged, soybeans down 5 cents, wheat unchanged. Shortly after the report corn was down 4 cents, soybeans down 10 cents, wheat down 4 cents.Today producers likely have more attention than normal focused on the USDA reports at noon. It is because they are in the shop and not out in the fields. Corn planting in the U.S. is 3% complete with 3% average.USDA 2016-17 U.S. grain and soybean ending stocksUSDA AprilAverage ofRange ofUSDA March2016-17analysts’analysts’2016-17end-stocksestimatesestimatesend-stocksestimatesestimatesWheat1.1591.1471.100-1.2001.129Corn2.3202.3522.270-2.4842.320Soybeans0.4450.4470.410-0.4750.435 Closely watched will be U.S. ending stocks of corn, soybeans, and wheat along with corn and soybean production in Brazil and Argentina.  USDA will release their first supply and demand estimates for 2017-18 corn, soybeans, and wheat next month on May 10. The new crop May report date is standard procedure that has been in place for decades.U.S. corn ending stocks were estimated at 2.32 billion bushels. Last month it was 2.32 billion bushels. Soybean ending stocks were estimated at 445 million bushels. Last month they were 435 million bushels. U.S. wheat ending stocks were 1.159 billion bushels. Last month they were 1.129 billion bushels.USDA estimated Brazil soybean production at 111 million tons. Last month it was 108 million tons. USDA estimated Brazil’s corn production at 93.5 million tons. In March it was 91.5 million tons.Trade estimates for U.S. ending stocks of corn, soybeans, and wheat all are slightly above those seen last month. U.S. grain stocks on March 1 were all above trade expectations on the March 31 Grain Stocks Report. This alone helps push ending stocks a small amount higher.Corn and soybean production from Brazil will also be closely watched as traders are expecting additional increases, following increases in March.  CONAB, Brazil’s crop reporting agency, estimated their soybean production at 110.2 million tons, up 2.6 million tons from March.  In March USDA estimated Brazil’s soybean production at 108 million tons, up 4 million tons from February. Last month USDA estimated corn production in Brazil at 91.5 million tons, up 5 million tons from February.USDA world productionApril USDAMarch USDAApril USDAMarch USDA2015-162015-162016-172016-17estimateestimateestimateestimateArgentina wheat11.3011.3016.0016.00Australia wheat24.1724.1735.0035.00Canada wheat27.5927.5931.7031.70Russia wheat61.0461.0472.5372.50South Africa corn8.218.2115.0014.60China corn224.63224.63219.55219.55Ukraine corn23.3323.3328.0028.00 March 1, 2017 U.S. soybean stocks were higher than expected. Soybean demand in its entirety can be measured much easier than corn or wheat demand. Both corn and wheat are fed to livestock, not an easy number to measure accurately. On the other hand, soybean demand consists largely of exports and meal demand. Each week we see USDA detail grain exports. Monthly there is the NOPA report on soybean crush. With traders missing the March 1 soybean stocks number by 51 million bushels, there is growing sentiment USDA underestimated soybean production in 2016. USDA will begin to account for that in the residual column. Keep in mind that changes to 2016 soybean production won’t take place until the Oct. 12 USDA Supply and Demand Report and follows the release of the Sept. 29 Small Grains Summary Report.last_img read more

Be Your Own Tyrant

first_img Get the Free eBook! Learn how to sell without a sales manager. Download my free eBook! You need to make sales. You need help now. We’ve got you covered. This eBook will help you Seize Your Sales Destiny, with or without a manager. Download Now Tyranny: the word means a cruel and oppressive ruler.Liberty: defined as freedom from oppressive rule.If you want liberty, you need to rule yourself like a tyrant. If you can’t govern your desires like a tyrant, then you will undoubtedly find a real form (or forms) of tyranny.Freedom Now is Tyranny LaterMaybe you can’t discipline yourself to get out of the bed in the morning. Instead, you hit the snooze button when the alarm clock rings at 6:30 AM, capturing nine more minutes of comfort and sleep. It feels good, so you hit snooze again, and one more time for good measure. Your decision to seek comfort results in you having no time for an effective morning ritual, and no time to do anything before running out the door.  You have the liberty to sleep in should you want to, but it will likely result in the tyranny of low energy, poor clarity, mediocre work, complacency, and unfilled hopes, dreams, and wishes. How you do one thing is how you do everything.You can exercise your freedom to avoid anything that looks like exercise, taking poor care of your health and well-being. You can make poor dietary choices, and practice poor hydration habits and sleep rituals. It is possible to exercise your freedom in ways that make the poor decisions above seem acceptable by comparison. Your freedom to do what you want when it comes to your health is yours alone. The tyranny of sickness, illness, and poor health are the natural outcomes of the exercise of those freedoms.You can spend more money than you have to spend. Some companies count on you borrowing money from them to buy things you believe that you need to be happy. These companies want you to have the freedom to have what you want when you want it, avoiding having to go without or waiting. The Joneses have a new neighbor. You have the freedom to enter into contracts to borrow money from companies that provide you with credit, and you are free to borrow as much as they will lend you. Tyranny is paying interest on loans to buy things that no longer mean anything, if they ever did.The decision to have a pessimistic, skeptical, cynical attitude is available to you. And why wouldn’t it be when media designs every story to frighten you about something that isn’t likely to ever harm you, separate you from people who are different from you or sensationalize stories to make them ever more salacious? The exercise of the freedom to choose what you believe about the world and its inhabitants belongs to you. It’s your birthright. But the tyranny of cynicism will make your life far less than it would be had you decided differently.If you really don’t like to exert yourself at work, preferring instead to try to do as little as possible, staying under the radar and out of harm’s way, you have that freedom (while it lasts, anyway). You can allow your cynicism to creep over into your work, never giving yourself over to the work. You can look for new work, but when you show up to your new job, the same cynic in you will not have changed one iota, and you will be back to believing your unhappiness is caused by external forces. The lack of effort and the unwillingness to do good work will bring the tyranny of an inadequate income, a lack of advancement, a lack of purpose and meaning, and anxiety about a future where things are even worse than they are now.To Be Free, Be the TyrantThe personal freedom you want is found in being your own personal tyrant. The tyrant sets the alarm earlier than you find acceptable and doesn’t allow you to hit the snooze button. In doing so, you have the freedom to do all the things that lead to a successful day (successful days lead to successful weeks which lead to successful months and successful years).When you are a tyrant about your health and well-being, you have the freedom of abundant energy, stamina, clarity, flexibility, and mobility. You are less often ill, and you push the unavoidable health problems far into the future.The financial tyrant takes your money from you before you see it and transfers it to some vehicle that allows it to grow. This decision, even though it requires you to go without now, ensures you have better freedoms in the future.You need to be a tyrant when it comes to the things you allow to infect your mind, things like scarcity, envy, and judging others. This tyranny provides the freedom to choose a better, more empowering set of beliefs.Quality work is the product of the tyrant. The tyrant eliminates distractions. It provides a laser-focus on the outcome you are pursuing. The tyranny of good work offers the freedom to be more, do more, and have more, while also contributing more—and making a difference for more people.If you want freedom, you need to be your own personal tyrant. If not, a different—and much more harmful—form of tyranny will be yours.last_img read more

Leonard bill signed into law removes offending words from law books

first_img Categories: Leonard News,Leonard Photos Rep. Tom Leonard, left, and his legislative aide, Dan Simon, join Lt. Gov. Brian Calley as he signs Public Act 67 of 2014 into law. The bill, which was introduced by Leonard, was part of a legislative package removing the words “retarded” and “retardation” from Michigan statute, a move Leonard says will promote respect for all. 01Apr Leonard bill signed into law, removes offending words from law bookslast_img

Rep Price invites 89th District residents to May office hour events

first_img Categories: News State Rep. Amanda Price, R-Park Township, will continue her monthly office hour visits in Spring Lake, Park Township and Grand Haven with scheduled stops on May 6, 16 and 20.“These office hours are free and open to the public,” said Rep. Price. “I hope to talk with area residents about their thoughts on state government to do the best I can in being their representative in Lansing.”The office hours are:Friday, May 6, 3-4 p.m. at the Spring Lake District Library, 123 E. Exchange St., Spring LakeMonday, May 16, 10-11 a.m. at the Park Township Hall, 52 152nd, HollandFriday, May 20, 9-10 a.m. at Coffee Grounds, 41 Washington Ave. No. 180, Grand HavenNo appointment is necessary. Anyone unable to attend the office hour events can contact Rep. Price’s Lansing office at 517-373-0838. The representative also can be reached by email at [email protected] or by mail at N-1193 House Office Building, P.O. Box 30014, Lansing, MI 48909. 29Apr Rep. Price invites 89th District residents to May office hour eventslast_img read more