A colossal waste of time

first_imgDear Editor,One recent meeting was described as “a colossal waste of time”.The most recent round of meeting between the two main political players can also be described thus. Why? There has not been anything new emanating or emerging from the meeting. No compromises or brokered agreements in arriving at a consensus. Not even a glimmer of hope.Both sides hold firm and steadfast to their respective views, opinions and interpretations of the Constitution and court rulings. The caretaker President and Cabinet maintain they will not resign, while the Opposition maintains it will not return to Parliament among other numerous stated positions on both sides.So what we have? Continued stalemate…a photo op and another day gone.It must be wondered if these “colossal waste of time” meetings are for the benefit of the international community.Sincerely,Shamshun Mohamedlast_img read more