Station master do you know the definition of garbage station

now, the stationmaster always says garbage dump, it’s what Baidu says. It’s normal for Baidu to stop the garbage collection. There is now Baidu new sites included significantly slowed down. For some webmaster, it’s a good thing. For Baidu itself is also a good thing. Many webmaster in Baidu not included before Passion, and Baidu included often is not proportional to. There is a lot of webmaster always blame Baidu does not include your site, but the webmaster you have thought of no, your station is garbage station, not included in the necessary ah. read more

Teach you how to deal with websites when they are attacked

always has a website to ask for help for EeSafe: "the website has been attacked", "the homepage of the website has been tampered with", "the website database access is not enough.""…… .

as a professional dedicated to solve the problem about security and website team, we always told the owners to solve the problem of how to do first, second, and finally into the technology to solve the. Sometimes webmasters don’t understand why they don’t immediately solve problems with technology, and we feel very helpless. Because most websites solve problems directly with technology, they have worse consequences. It will take a long space to explain the cause of the problem. But still want to say clearly why, say, if in this process can let more webmaster in the website security management has been very good promotion, this will be our greatest encouragement. read more

Talking about webmaster soft Wen thinking source end of article

before the author, respectively, to share the webmaster soft ideas source (serial) and talk about webmaster soft Wen thinking source (serialize two). Today is the third serial, and this is the end of a series of articles, hoping to give webmaster friends bring some new feelings.

seven, personal experience

but in an industry to do a long time, in the course of time, there will be some more or less experience, and the website has different categories, different industries, the so-called gehangrugeshan, so focus on certain areas of the webmaster, can share in their own field of experience and experience, to share other webmaster friends. read more